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I have checked out the site for this product and it seems to work well. I am seriously considering buying it. Has any one used this or any like it and how well did it work?

Re: ScrubbingBubblesAutomaticShowerCleaner

  • No, but doesn't it clean your bottles of shampoo/conditioner/bodywash since it cleans the whole shower? That always seemed strange to me. Are you supposed to take everything out when it's cleaning?
  • I belong to Consumer Reports online and they didn't have great things to say.

    The claim. Hate scrubbing your shower? The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner, a battery-operated appliance selling for about $25, is supposed to do the job for you. You hang it on your showerhead and, after the last shower of the day, press the "on" button. Cleaning solution whirls from a sprayer, combines with leftover shower water, and "automatically cleans your whole shower!" It's best to start with a clean surface; still, the device supposedly "will provide a noticeable reduction in existing mildew stains and soap-scum deposits in as little as two weeks when used on a daily basis."
    The test. Twelve panelists took Bubbles home to shower stalls and tubs with dirt, scum, water stains, mold, mildew, or some combo of the above. Only one person cleaned her shower before using the device. We asked panelists to use it daily and not to clean their showers in the usual way during testing. They used the device for a month, took pictures weekly, and filled out a questionnaire.
    CR's take. It's a dirty job, and judging by our panel, Bubbles might not do it. Eight of 11 panelists said their showers showed no improvement or were somewhat worse (the 12th couldn't comment, because it wouldn't hang on her vertical showerhead). The device missed some areas. Just to check its range, one person lined her stall floor with newspaper, which became wet in only one spot, directly under the cleaner. Another complaint: It left spots, streaks, or stickiness on walls and shower doors. Two panelists said the cleaner worked pretty well; one thought it was so-so. But for most, it was no-go. Save your money and use elbow grease.

  • I used it (got one free through BzzAgent to try before it went on the market).  I had to hang it from the shower head, because it wouldn't stay put on my shower wall.  It didn't reach everywhere b/c of that (you're supposed to put it in the center of the wall - as high as you can get it.  I thought it was a gimicky after-shower spray.  I cleaned the shower and tub prior to setting it up and it worked ok to keep it clean, but it left a slippery residue and for a couple of pumps of the spray one that we already had, it wasn't worth what they said that they were going to sell it for.  Bulky and only so-so.  It's definitely not my idea of a shower "cleaner" - more like "maintainer."  I still cleaned my shower and tub the regular way (Dr. Bronner's and baking soda) - just every 2 weeks instead of 1.  HTH!
  • Thanks for your comments, they've helped! I'm now certain that I won't be buying this product.
  • my mom gave me hers bc she hated it, and i also hated it...i used it every day and it didn't do anything. ?it was just loud and smelly.
  • I wish I read this prior to setting ours up yesterday.  I will have to see if we can rebox and return it.  We have not used it yet.
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