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Visiting over Christmas time, a question.

Hello ladies! I'm actually originally from DC but have been living out of state for 9 years now. I'll be visiting my family over Christmas break and staying with them in DC. My dh and I were hoping to visit the White House and some of the museums and memorials. Since it's been a while since I've visited, has much changed regarding admission? Do we have a shot at touring the WH the day after xmas? We'll be getting around by Metro (I figured that's be easier than driving and dealing with the hassle of finding parking spots). Thanks!

Re: Visiting over Christmas time, a question.

  • Here is the info on touring the White House.  You have to get tix in advance from your Congressman.


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  • And to answer your question, all of the Smithsonian museums and the memorials are free to visit.  However, if you want to go to the Holocaust Museum you have to get tickets in advance.  You might also want to check out the spy museum and the new Newseum, both which require tickets for a charge.
  • Tickets for the Capital Building and the Washington monument are passed out starting at 9am so get there early and get in line so you get tickets. 


    Parking at my metro is free on the weekends but any other time you need a Smartcard to get out of the garage.  


    If you are hopping on and off the metro several times in one day its better to get a day pass than to pay per trip.  


    The zoo is free and so is the Portrait gallery along with the Smithsonian museums.  If you want to do zoolights you need to get tickets


    I live near the zoo :) 

  • image living_insanity:

    I live near the zoo :) 

    Small world, so does my dad :)    He lives right on Conn Ave near the old Uptown theater.

     Thanks for all the info ladies!!! I can't wait to be back in DC!

  • We live a few houses off Conn Ave :) it makes it very easy to give people directions to our house
  • image living_insanity:
    We live a few houses off Conn Ave :) it makes it very easy to give people directions to our house

    That's awesome. I can totally relate. Both of my parents live right on Conn Ave, one in Cleveland Park, the other in Chevy Chase. I loved how convenient it was living there. They're divorced, but I grew up in Cleveland Park and then moved a few miles up the road to Chevy Chase. Heck, after 8 years away from DC I can still remember all the roads up there :)

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