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Starbound6...are you here?

Catching up on my nesting. I missed the second half of your question the other day. ?I'd ask for you doctor's opinion about weight gain, since it is a very individual thing.

At my 30 week appointment I was up 12 pounds from my starting BFP weight. However, I packed on almost 20 pounds in the 3 months leading up to it. I was eating like it was my job in order to get that BFP, so I was at a good point when I finally got it :)

Most of my weight gain was in the 1st and early 2nd tri. Even though nothing sounded good I was constantly nibbling to keep the nausea away. Since I was at a normal weight by the time I got my BFP, my doctor hasn't been concerned about my weight gain. At my last appointment, she did say she wants to see me gain at least a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy.

Just make sure you are eating balanced meals and a couple snacks each day.?As long as your getting the proper nutrients, and not restricting yourself, your weight should level out naturally.

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Re: Starbound6...are you here?

  • Hey!  Thanks for your reply!  It's interesting that you were snacking constantly during the 1st tri - that was totally me from about week 5-9, all I ate was carbs.  But then the nausea went away and since then I have been eating more balanced (ie. more protein/fruit/veg)  I eat a lot, and frequently, probably the same quantities as DH.  Yeah, I'm trying not to stress about it, and here in Australia they don't seem to emphasise weight gain/getting weighed all the time, as much...?

    I get a scan every time I go in, and they measure the fetus and that's what they are concerned with.  I was only weighed once so far and the nurse almost forgot.  I'm just getting sick of people saying, Where are you hiding the baby?  are you sure you're PG?  Jeez.  I'm thinking it must be inherited because Mum keeps telling me she didn't show till 6 mos and didn't go into maternity till then either. 

    Anyway, thanks for the insights, it helps to hear from someone who was in the same boat :-)  You look great in the sig. pic!!

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  • Where is the time going? ?I can't believe you're in the 2nd trimester already. 13 weeks is still early to be showing, so don't let people's comments get to you. ?Sending you lots of good vibes. ?Keep us posted :)
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