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Afternoon w/ DH ruined....

An unexpected afternoon off with my DH started out great but ended poorly. We went to the beach to check out what Tropical Storm Debby was doing to it and DH took pictures of me. When he was done taking pics he wanted to fly his kite. My crops were wet at this point and I just wanted to go home. DH refused so we stayed at the beach and I watched him try to get his kite in the air for 20 minutes. I acted like a little kid and made it known I didn't want to be there anymore.

Once we got home we took a shower together. DH lit candles and turned off the light. It was very romantic and relaxing until I decided to get out of the shower. I accidentally knocked over the candles and the glass cup my DH put there. They fell into the bath tub and shattered cutting my DH's feet. He was bleeding pretty bad, so I left to get him band aids and medical tape.

I got back just in time to see him pull out of his parking space and drive away. He had to leave for work. I was so sad I didn't get to kiss him goodbye. We talked on the phone and he told me he's not mad at me, just disappointed.

I feel like maybe I should've stayed at work.

Does anyone else ever have a selfish streak where they only what to do what they want to do??

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Re: Afternoon w/ DH ruined....

  • DH and I always have selfish streaks when we dont want to do what the other wants to do. We just know that it is a give and take situation. I'll suck it up and do what he wants and he'll suck it up and do what I want.

     Try not to beat yourself up, accidents happen and the glass breaking was clearly an accident. Make it up to him when he gets home ;o)

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  • Sorry to hear about your afternoon. I always get in moods where I only want to do what I want. DH is kind of used to it by now. However, I'm getting better at it because I know that DH does a lot for me that he doesn't always want to do.

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  • I'm sorry your plans didn't work out.  Don't let it keep you from trying again.
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  • Both DH and I have those selfish times.  I feel like he has them more often but I'm sure that's just me in denial of how often I can be like that.  When I realize I've been like that I usually try to apologize to him for my behavior and then try to make it up to him.  I'm sure your DH knows you feel bad.  It sounds like he understood when you called him.


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  • Thanks everyone!! Seeing that I'm not the only one who has those selfish times makes me feel better. I just have to be aware of them and keep them in check.

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