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Parent Albums - Sizes & # of pages?

Sorry this is long...

We are designing parent albums for my mom, and for H's parents (total of two albums). We didn't get them any "thank you" gifts for the wedding because we anticipated giving them the albums once we got around to getting them done. Now, we are planning on giving them the albums for Christmas and the thank you combined--since they are a little bit on the pricey side.

We really wanted to do professional looking albums, as opposed to the photo books you can get from Blurb, MyPublisher, etc. We found these great new albums through, and we are in the middle of designing the pages for them.

The problem is--originally, we were going to do 12 page (24 sides) albums, but we are having a hell of a time narrowing them down and spacing out pics on only that many pages. The next step up is 20 pages (40 sides). The price difference is $80 for each album. Is 40 sides overkill for a parent album?

Total price for each album would be $245... and for a combined Christmas/thank you gift, that doesn't seem too bad? And obviously, if we had gotten albums through our photographer, we would have been paying much, much more.

I guess I'm just wondering what everyone else did for their parents?

Re: Parent Albums - Sizes & # of pages?

  • Hey there stranger! How are things?

    I would do the 20 page album; however, it's not like they'll know what they are missing if you do the 12 page one.  So basically, do which ever one you are more comfortable with pricewise.

    Please post back when you get the mpix album, I am curious to hear how they are.

  • We did parent albums last year for Xmas too.  I ended up finding professional quality albums online (I'll try to dig out the place if you are interested.)  They held 50 photos.  Then I went to Walmart and had prints made (the 1 hour ones, because they are WAY better quality.)  Due to a printing snafu, I actually got a lot of those for free, which made things cost less that I anticipated.  Apparently if you have a Sam's Club membership, their print prices are better, FYI.  The prints were all 5x7s.  I think our total was almost the same as yours.  Our parents all loved them.  GL!
  • I got some reprints from Mpix and loved the quality- would love to hear what you think of the albums from there as we may do one for our honeymoon photos.

    We did blurb books for my sisters last year, and are giving one to the ILs this year- I think it's like 25 pages or so, but different sizes so lots of photos.


    image image image
  • Hey Hockey!  All is well.  Can't believe we are going on 6 months married, though... it's insane how time flies. 

    For both you and Labbie... I have heard good things about the mpix albums through users on their forums.  I have been designing the layouts in Photoshop, so it's nice to have the creative freedom.  I'm obviously hoping to get the designs squared away in the next week or so, and then get them ordered.  Turnaround and shipping times are supposedly fast, so at least that's good.  I'll let you guys know what we think once we receive the finished albums.

    Labbie, we are thinking of designing one for our honeymoon, too.  (If we're happy with the parent albums, of course).  I'm *almost* wishing we hadn't paid for the pro album through the Krackes now that I know we could design our own "professional" one, but oh well... less work for us, and they are true professionals, so it'll be fun to see what they come up with.

  • image heatherkj:

    I'm *almost* wishing we hadn't paid for the pro album through the Krackes now that I know we could design our own "professional" one, but oh well... less work for us, and they are true professionals, so it'll be fun to see what they come up with.

    I hear you- I am not 100% positive we couldn't have come up with something on our own. To be honest I think we got caught up in the wedding frenzy and just paid for the album so it would be 1 less thing for us to do! 

    We were such slackers with picking out our faves for the Krackes (um, yeah- we've been married over a year) that we just got our draft album layout from them and love what they have come up with. Now that we see the layout idea we just have a few suggested substitutions on certain photos,etc. So- hopefully before our 2 year anniv we'll see our pro album!

    image image image
  • We were going to do blurb books for the parents, but I still haven't done the layouts.  We ended up printing off a ton of 4x6s and doing a regular album.  I still want to do a professional book for ourselves though.  I made a blurb one of our honeymoon and really like it, but want a more professional one for the wedding one too.  I have been looking at Someset Albums and Candid2000 but haven't used either one yet.
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