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Washing or warm water?

When you wash your white clothes, do you wash in hot or warm water? is there a major difference?

Re: Washing or warm water?

  • I wash them in warm but I have no idea why...
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  • If it's Hanes t-shirts, socks, and whites like that I was them in hot water.
  • I usually wash everything in cold, but with just whites and bleach I will use hot, i haven't really noticed any big changes
  • i don't think it matters. I would like to wash my clothes all with warm to kill bacteria more....but that would make darks fade....therefore i wash colors with cold. Whites.....warm.

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  • I wash towels in hot. Whites in warm. And everything else in cold.
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  • I wash everything in cold, with the exception of sheets when we are sick.
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  • I wash whites in hot (depends on what kind of whites you have - my whites are most often DH's soccer socks, sweaty T-shirts, oncies with poop and carrot stains, etc.

    So - hot-hot-hot for me. And even then carrots do not necessarily go off


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  • DH claims that when he washes his clothes in hot water, it helps his allergies.

    We each do our own laundry, because I refuse to let my darks be washed like that. It does fade them quite a bit.

    As far as whites go, I don't have enough to do just a white load. In fact, I barely can get a small "light" load. I wash the light colors in warm water. I suppose I could do it in cold to save energy, but I think the warmer water does loosen up more dirt. I can't say for sure though.

  • I was taught to always wash whites in hot. I dunno why though.
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