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Hmmm -- Calico Critters WWYD

So DD seemed interested in Calico Critters last year (dang Timbuk Toys and their CC set-up) and begged for some more.  She opted, out of all of Toys R Us, last year for my mom to buy her a set of a mom and two babies of the CC and played with them constantly.  So I got her some more Calico Critters and playsets for Christmas.

You guessed it -- she stopped playing with them.  She's hardly touched them, honestly.  I had picked up some more CC stuff 50% off to set her up on her bday but now she just isn't that into it and I don't know if that will resume.  She starts playing with it at Timbuk toys and asks for more.  I point out she has plenty at home and doesn't seem interested in playing with them and she assures me she will.  She hasn't. So what, if anything, to do with my stash?  It has a couple furniture sets, a car and two additional sets that include other animals.  Also the nursery school which was going to be the big Christmas present this year.  

DH thinks we start to give them away. We do have 2 girl bdays coming up that I know of where I could easily use the sets and I could ask my sister if she wants to offer it to her youngest DD.  A neighbor advised me to hang on to them as her DD's waxes and wanes and DD will likely be back into it as she gets older.  WWYD?  TIA!

DD -- 5YO
DS -- 3YO

Re: Hmmm -- Calico Critters WWYD

  • I would probably keep them just in case. My youngest siblings are twins, and went in and out of phases like that. So I would keep them until she is into something else. 
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  • We have entirely too many toys in our house, so what I do is cycle them in and out.  We store the toys my kids don't use as frequently in the basement and my three year old DD will periodically ask to take one toy down and one toy up...meaning that she exchanges a toy from upstairs for a toy from the basement.  This way when the toys get old, we put them out of sight and when they come back up they're like new again.  It's amazing how many baby toys she enjoys playing with now that we're bringing them up for her little brother!
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