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Hi there! Just wondering if you could recommend any websites about tummy tucks. I am in the process of losing a lot of weight, and I am worried that once I get down to my goal I will have a lot of loose skin. I have heard that some people who know they are losing a lot of weight will start a savings account and save up for it, wondering how much I will need to save and whether insurance covers any of it. I guess there's just a lot I'd like to research.


Re: *sadlebred*

  • has a forum just for "other plastic surgery procedures. I know many women who have had tummy tucks on that message board. The women there, on the most part are very helpful, insightful and supportive. I had my breasts done last year and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I used that website/forum to prepare for surgery!

    also, check out for lots of great before and after pics. They have fantastic forums too where you can talk with other women who have had the surgery.

    My Fashion & Beauty Blog:
  • Veronabit had a good The TT (tummy tuck) forum is very active! I check it about every other day. They ladies for the most part seem very knowledgeable. They also have great real before and after photos in their profiles (usually the link and password are in their signatures). Do a Google search for tummy tuck before and after photos, and you will find hundreds of websites. I also like The forum is not as active, but it seems less alarmist about a lot of things.

    Costs vary. I had quotes everything from $6000 just for major lipo to $15,000 for the "concierge spa" surgical experience. I'm paying under $10,000. The $10,000 is getting me a FTT w/no MR (full tummy tuck with no muscle repair) and lipo to my outer and inner thighs (only for contouring since I have one thigh that is 2 full sizes bigger than the other), back, "bra roll," flanks, hips, tummy, and basically anything in my midsection. The fee includes all visits to the surgeon, the surgery, anesthesia & surgical suite charges, etc. Some surgeons will offer financing as do and I may wind up having to finance a portion of it when payment is due at the end of the month. Eek!!

    I only know of one person that had insurance pay for it. She had a very large pannus (overhanging skin. Hers was from a 200 pound weight loss). She continually got bacterial and fungal skin infections that couldn't be helped. Other than an extreme case, it's completely cosmetic. You'll have to pony up the money. The only thing I'll be able to get insurance to pay for is the medications needed (antibiotics, pain killers, etc.), so that will save me a bit of $$.

     I went to several consultations and wound up going with the PS (Plastic Surgeon) that was recommended to me by 5 separate people, including 2 others that work in the medical field.

      LMK if you have any more questions....

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