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HELP!!! Advice needed

DH and I moved into our place and we are stressed out about the boxes, cleaning, etc. It just seems SOOOO overwhelming....

Any ideas on how to make it less stressful?

It is difficult b/c my DH is working lots of hours and my job stresses the hell out of me and I really don't want to unpack when I get home. 

Living out of boxes is getting!

Re: HELP!!! Advice needed

  • I would first work on getting the kitchen, the main bathroom you use and your bedroom organized. Once that is together, I would suggest going room by room.

    Tackling things room by room is a way of taking small bites out of a big project. We are doing that with our home renovations. We sat down and wrote a vey detailed list of things we wanted to get accomplished. The list was divided into sections, by room.

    I am a "list" person, so by marking things off of our list gives me a sense of accomplishment. It might work with getting settled into your house.

  • I agree that the kitchen is a good place to start. There are probably a lot of kitchen boxes, but it is also obvious that the dishes go in the cabinets. Once those boxes are done, the rest looks a lot less overwhelming.

    The bathrooms are also key, because you will brush your teeth daily, and you really need to know where that stuff is. Not just that, but when you are sick, you will need to find medication, and you will be mad if you have to dig it out of a box.

    Then, the bedrooms would be next on my list. Hang your clothes up and put things in dressers. That's pretty harmless.

    After that, just shove everything into the garage or attic or whatever and take your time with it. The kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are most important for daily living.

    DH and I moved into our house in July, and my craft room still needs a lot of work to get set up. I am working on that on Monday.

  • PS. if either of you have vacation time or personal days, now would be a good time to take it! I did end up taking time off after our move to fix things up, and I'm glad I did.
  • I agree w/ pp's.  Start with the rooms you use most often (kitchen, bathroom, your bedroom), then go room by room.  And don't think of it as "There are sooooo many boxes!"  Just think about the things you have put away and you'll get a sense of accomplishment and motivation to get it done.
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  •  I totally agree with the room priorities.

     Work at the same time as DH so you both encourage each other.  Set a goal of a certain number of boxes a day. When you finish for the day, reward yourselves by going outside.  Trust me, it makes you feel good to see the world and not stare at the rest of the boxes.  Also, upack or buy organizers first.  The worst thing is to unpack a box of stuff and then have to reorganize that stuff later.

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