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Trying to move on, re: calories

I've had a great few days, even with Thanksgiving.  Then DH and I were out shopping yesterday and I ended up getting over hungry and made a night full of bad eating decisions.  The kicker was the snack stop at Sonic.  DH ordered me a drink, but made is a large instead of small...and I sucked downt the whole thing!  Then I get home and look up the calorie count for the night.  A large cherry limeade is 877 calories!!!  Oy.  I can deal with the tater tots, pizza, and all the other junk, but am having trouble moving past the drink. 

Does anyone know if restaurants count the ice displacement in the sizing and nutritional count?  I know I need to just get over it, but I just can't today. 

Sloane Cecelia, 6/5/07

Gabriel Phillip, 5/6/10

Re: Trying to move on, re: calories

  • You really do need to just get over it. What's done is done... and it's just food. You didn't kill a puppy.
  • Unless your overeating adventure did include puppy?

    Had a bad night too last night. We threw a margarita party for our friends. I had 3 frozen margaritas with god knows how many calories. Man they were good though. And I ate about a million tortilla chips with guac. The food itself was healthy, those drinks were bad. And for dessert we had italian cookies and flourless chocolate cake. I felt sick this AM.

  • Sometimes you just gotta have it.  I get a cherry limeade (a large one!) at least every couple of weeks.  I don't care, I love them.  It's just can't let it run your life.
    Damn you Nest for screwing up my siggy!

    .: Diary of a Recovering Runner :.

  • It is going to happen, dont beat yourself up too much over it.


  • If you enjoyed it, then your good. Today's another day- don't beat yourself up!
  • Yup, you just need to get over it. One day of overindulgence is not going to kill you.

    I've had a whole weekend of horrible eating, and haven't really worked out.  I kind of feel guilty, but you know what, I'll get over it, and this too shall pass.  You have to enjoy things once in awhile, life's too short.

  • "That's why God invented tomorrow." - I'll have to remember that one!

    New more looking up calories after that fact.  Planning ahead is ok, dwelling on what's done is not.

    Sloane Cecelia, 6/5/07

    Gabriel Phillip, 5/6/10

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