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Help Me Kick The Sugar Habit!

A couple years ago I started to kick this nasty little habit but here it is two years later and it's worse. 

Any tips or suggestions on kicking it this time?


Re: Help Me Kick The Sugar Habit!

  • i actually disagree with PP. I am addicted to sugar, and I do keep it in the house.  When I KNOW I have it here, I actually eat less sugar.  When I don't have any sweets in my house, I get crazy cravings and resort to driving somewhere to buy sweets.

    The best thing to do is limit portions and choose better sweets with less calories.  If you deprive yourself completely, you might just crave it more.

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  • I also love sweets...I would keep some in the house. I will keep the low fat Ben and Jerrys when I am on my ice cream kick (but I spoon about a cup into another bowl). I also keep dark chocolate in the house too (I love it!). And D Chocolate actually isn't too bad for you in comparison to other things. 

    I don't think you should cut it out all together...just moderation. 

    Have you tried buying sugar free substitutes to see if those curb the craving? Some brands actually don't taste too badly.


  • I am the same way. What has worked for me is to actually have it, and know it's ok to have "some" (key word, some!)

    I often go to fruit first- especially this time of year- pomegranates are in the stores and they're my favorite- very sweet.

    I also keep Fiber One bars on hands- oats and chocolate flavor really satisfies my sweet tooth. It has sugar in it (10g per bar) but is much better for me than a candy bar. 

  • I have been known to eat a bowl of ice cream every night...

    But now, I have Dove dark chocolates and let myself eat one square a night after dinner. It's better for you than milk chocolate (so I can actually feel good about eating a little!) and one square satisfies my sweet craving without making me feel guilty and/or bloated.

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