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This irriates me

I lurk on other boards and one girl posted about working and how there are jobs available but no on is applying for them.  And then another agreed. They were saying that they aren't sure that there are no jobs but that there are a lot of jobs people won't do.

This irritates me to no end!

Lets look at a couple of scenarios-

1. H- H has a B.S.  Little experience in the field, but is passionate about his line of work.  He has applied well over 150 jobs. Gotten any? No. Even interviewed-Nope. Then he did get one, but it wasn't posted, it was by word of mouth and I believe that had someone not put in a good word for him, he wouldn't of gotten it.

2. My dad- My dad is a great man.  Smart?-No  He graduated high school but never had any college.  Why? cause it wasn't the thing young men did back in those days.  Could he go back now? Yes. But I don't think he would pass any of them as he can barely spell, let alone type a paper. So he is left with factory jobs.  Which yes it is good for him, BUT he also has a family to support. Also no one wants to hire a 55 yr old man with or without the experience.

3. My mom-SUPER SMART- has a B.S. in Business, and a M.A in Fraud. Her ideal job would be to work for the FBI catching criminals.  She has a job now working for insurance but would love to use her degree.  She has applied well over 100 jobs. Hired for any of them-Nope.

 4. Tara- Tara is ovb. a qualified teacher as she has been a teacher before.  She even has a M.A. IDK how many jobs she has applied for but she is getting interviewed-YAY. Getting hired-not yet. But she is clearly searching for any jobs that she can do. Megan is similar to Tara.

5. I applied for over  60 jobs in different fields.  I got one interview and got the job. But the places that I was qualified for or even met every single criteria, I didn't even get interviewed before I was rejected.

Here I name 6 different people all searching for jobs. Busting their butts to make ends meet and most of us just want to help the world.  So when someone says, oh there are jobs.... people aren't applying- I do not think that this is true at all. I don't care what your political stance is. The truth is that there are no jobs for some people, and I know most of us are willing to go out of our discipline just to make some money to pay our bills. So don't sit there in your ivory tower and tell me that there are jobs and that people are not applying. I also think that yes there are sh!t jobs that can't keep staffed, but with those jobs the burn our rate is super high and the pay is super low.  If there is no support to avoid the burn out, then how do you expect people to sign up for that?

Sorry this got long.  It just really got under my skin.

Re: This irriates me

  • I can't agree with you more! I know a lot of people out of work right now (or not working in their field). My oldest brother--age 40, BS degree in political science. He can not land a job to save his life. He applies all over the place, even at crappy retail stores. He is overweight and talks a little loud; these reasons might be why he's getting jobs. He is SO smart. The smartest person I know. I actually think he has a touch of autism because of how smart he is. His memory is kinda scary. Anyhow, I hope he lands a job soon. I feel so bad for him.

    Thank you for thinking of me in your post. What you said was correct. I have applied for about 35 jobs this spring and DH has applied for about 45. I have landed three interviews and he has landed one. This fall I will substitute teach and live off of a tiny unemployment check and he will substitute teach and work at a country club/hotel, where he makes a whopping $10.75 an hour, no benefits.

    It's so hard right now. I'm not sure how anyone can say that there are jobs out there and people are not applying for them. WTF? This makes me mad too.

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  • I can only agree with everything you both are saying.  I am equally irritated by people who say that.  Our student worker in our office just graduated in May.  She's actually a temp worker now since she is no longer a student.  But, she got an accounting degree.  She graduated Summa *** Laude (with the highest of honors).  She's brillant.  She got straight A's with the exception of one B.  I'm taking those same classes and I'm happy just to make a B.  She keeps applying for jobs but has yet to get one interview.  We are keeping her on as a temporary worker because she's awesome at what she does.  While I don't want to lose her, I know she needs and wants something full time with benefits. 

    I honestly got lucky with my job.  It was more of being in the right place at the right time. My rant also goes in the other direction.  My SIL who lives in the same city I do, doesn't want to work.  They have two kids and are barely scrapping by.  Her husband is working two jobs and it took him forever to find them.  He's diabetic with eye problems, no degree - so he got turned down for a lot of jobs.  It's taken him almost two years just to get what he has and they don't pay well.  Meanwhile her only setback to getting hired is her attitude of not wanting to work.  Being a stay a home mom is great and heck I want to do that, but if I can't afford it, I won't.  Having insurance for my kids is more important to me.  Grrr.

    Sorry didn't mean to go off on a tangent. 

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  • I didn't mean to make you guys mad too but oh that bothers me.  I am passionate about 3 things. 1. Traveling. 2. Working with families living in poverty 3. working with students with disabilities.

    I spent 2 years working with families that were living in poverty. Sometimes the only meal that they got was the one granola bar I gave them. I know that there were a lot of parents trying to find work,  but could due to a variety of factors. 

    Another thing that gets me is when people know that a student is poor because they are on free and reduced lunch but see the kids with nice clothes, ipods, phones. Ect.  I get that it doesn't look like they aren't well off, but people don't understand the value system of the poverty. So don't judge something you don't understand.

    End of rant, because I seriously could talk about this all day.

  • I too thank you for listing me in your post.

    I've applied to over 100 teaching jobs and only got 5 interviews. I have a BA in Elementary Education and 1 semester toward my Master's in Reading Education. I have one year expereince teaching Kindergarten and almost another year of experience with all my practicum placements.

    My DH has a BA in communication and has freelanced for several different newspapers. He had an internship with one of the main newspapers in our area. He stil can't even get an interview with a newspaper. He settled for being a Production Assistant at our local FOX station. They give him $10.00/ hr and only give him 30 hrs a week. They spread it out over 6 days :( They make sure they don't give him anymore than 30 hrs so they don't have to give him benefits. He still applies to anything he can find, but get no interviews.

    Good quality people are applying to jobs and not getting them :(

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  • This really gets me angry. You can add me and my parents to that list. It is just so frustrating. Yes, there may be jobs, but they aren't what people are qualified for. Plus, everyone wants you to have 5+ years of experience for the jobs in H's field. How the f*** are you supposed to start? You can't get experience if no one is willing to give you the experience. I also feel so depressed because there are so many teachers with 4-5 years of experience that have been laid off that will get a job before I will.
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  • I couldn't of said it better Alyssa!

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