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mass found on ovary. scared

 am a wreck. I had an ultrasound and found out I have a 2.5 cm solid mass on my left ovary. I am so scared. I go for a mri on tuesday..  It is def not a cyst, cysts are fluid filled.. anyone ever have this before?? 

Re: mass found on ovary. scared

  • I have not experienced this before and I am sincerely sorry you are going through this.  I find that during challenging/scary times, it's important to surround yourself with love and think about all you have to be grateful for. For me, it's comforting, but it's also empowering... to take the time to realize all the love you have around you, the support you have, etc.  I find it makes me stronger, it gives me the tenacity to face what's happening head on.

    I wish you all the best, and please keep us posted. 

  • My BFF, MIL and SIL all have had cysts on their ovaries. I'm not a doctor, but most masses on ovaries are cysts. Each time an ovary emits an egg, scar tissue is formed. This is a normal process but sometimes it can cause cysts to develop.

    All three of them had to undergo out-patient surgery to have the cysts removed. They each have tiny scars on their tummies. Also, all three doctors had to removed the entire ovary when they got in.

    Since the body has two ovaries, if one is removed or never worked in the first place, the second releases the egg every month. If a woman has two working ovaries, they alternate releasing.

    BBF had her's removed and after she was healed and was okay'd for sex, got pregnant within weeks. SIL had her's removed WHILE pregnant and in her first trimester and MIL had her's removed after her first baby and still got pregnant with her second boy (my DH).

    So, don't be freaked out. Just breathe. Wait and see what the doc says.


  • imageDMB2STEP:
     am a wreck. I had an ultrasound and found out I have a 2.5 cm solid mass on my left ovary. I am so scared. I go for a mri on tuesday..  It is def not a cyst, cysts are fluid filled.. anyone ever have this before?? 

    This happened to me last fall.  When it got to 3.5, he wanted surgery.

    I had an exploratory lap done; turns out I had an endometrioma that adhesed to my bowel. Nothing pathological involved. The Fallopian tube and ovary were excised.

    It was done on a one day surgery procedure.  (I had no mri; he went right to the surgery)

    The only thing that happened: I could not pee after surgery. It is very very rare -- this is why they have an IV running on you about an hour or so before you go into surgery: so you do not dehydrate. 

    I hung around for about 3 hours until I did the deed.:) (I told 'em to run accross the street to the convenience store and get me a beer or 3; this way I'd be sure to tinkle but they didn't think it was funny) Then I went home.:)
  • I have never experienced anything like this before but I wanted say that I'm sorry.  Things can sometimes be scary, especially when you are just finding out.  My advise is not to worry too much until you have the MRI.  Stay positive.  Women are strong and can get through anything as long as they stay positive.  Good luck with your appointment on Tuesday! 

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  • Hugs!  Hopefully it will turn out to be something minor.  I have had a cyst before that cleared itself up and a friend had one that required minor surgery.  Hang in there!
  • LoritaLorita member
    Ancient Membership 500 Comments

    I had one as well, and it turned out to be a fibroid.  Had it removed and all was hunky dory for 10+ years.  Eventually they came back bigger than before, so I had to have a hysterectomy in my mid-40's.  They left in one ovary, but took the other and the uterus.  I don't miss Aunt Flo in the least!  Plus, I'm not taking vicodin for cramps 2 out of 3 weeks per month..

     And I had that pee thing after surgery that they other poster had as well!!!  I had to go so bad that I ended having to have a catheter..after about 3 days, we tried removing the cath again, and I was finally able to go!  YIPPEE!

  • Good luck.

    I had a mass that was a bit of endometrial tissue that got infected and absessed to 10 cm. It hurt like a mutha'. I did a round of IV antibiotics which calmed it down, but it built up again over the next few cycles and had to be removed surgically. It was on the ovary, so I lost very little ovarian tissue. I had laser surgery to free up my fallopian tube that got stuck in the scar tissue and was finally able to get pg. It was a win/win.

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