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Are you there Vodka???

I just finished this book and found it to be painful.  I had just read a bunch of heavy books in a row so thought something light might be nice.  But I just felt like she was trying soooooo hard to be cute/clever and she just wasn't.  The "midget" section was just awful- yes, we get that you think midget = baby, you can stop now.

I just read a few reviews on goodreads and everyone seemed to like it, so I guess I'm just a weirdo!

Re: Are you there Vodka???

  • Have you ever watched her show? Do you like her personality? I think she's one of those people you either really like, or just don't, and I suspect her book would reflect that. I don't mind her, but I doubt I'd enjoy her books very much.?
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  • No, never watched her show.  Her name rung a bell, but I wasn't really familiar with her- just saw her book mentioned a bunch of here so figured I'd try it.  Oh well.
  • Thanks for posting. I thought it sounded good, but now not so much. I won't waste my time!
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  • I know several ppl who thought it was hilarious but I don't really usually read humor literature so I wasn't I'm more on the fence! (like, I read running with scissors & thought it was really sad, and other people thought it was hilarious...!?)
  • I am getting the same feeling from My Horizontal Life. It's ok, but I am not loving it. I have Are you there Vodka from the library so we shall see.
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  • Eh, I can't really stand to watch her, so I don't think I'd like this at all. After hearing reviews, I doubt I'll be reading it.?
  • I don't mind her, so I knew of her when I got Are You there on audio. I hate reading humor books and would rather someone read them to me as they are intended to be said. I think (know) I appreciated this book more because she read it aloud as if she were telling me a story on the phone or something.
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  • I might have laughed once in the entire book. Not my favorite. =(
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