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Finally told my boss and I booked my NT scan

So I finally managed to get my boss alone for a second(in the hallway of the building of all places) and blurted out that I am pg. At first I told him that I was planning on taking a leave of absence for 6 - 9 months and of course he looked shocked and confused, but then I told him it was b/c I am pg and he seemed genuinely happy for me.  It feels so good to have it out in the open with him b/c now I don't have to keep on making excuses about missing work for Dr's appointments or why I'm not drinking at the Christmas Party next weekend. So I think that next week DH and I are planning on making our official announcement to the world.  Oh and thanks to all of you Nesties that have me on FB and haven't said a word about my pg in the last 8're the best!!!!!!!

I also had my 1st Dr's appointment last wek and baby's HR was at 156.  Things also seem to have settled down with the spotting too, so I'm feeling so much better about this pg now. Some days I still have a hard time believeing that it is really happening and we are finally going to have miracle baby #2 soon.  My Dr talked me into having a NT scan with bloodwork for next Thursday morning so I'm praying that the results come back negative or low risk for any birth defects. 

So there is my weekly update.  I hope that everyone is having a great weekend.  I'm off to start decorating the tree now:-)


Re: Finally told my boss and I booked my NT scan

  • Yay Betty!  This is a milestone for you!  I'm so happy that things have calmed down with the spotting and that your little one is healthy, heart pumping, and growing every day!  I'm have a NT scan with this one too in Jan. and I'm sure everything will be great for you. 
  • I am so happy for you Betty that is awesome, that will be so wonderful to tell everyone next weekend.  I am looking forward to your weekly updates for us girls on the nest.

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  • That's great news, thanks for the update! What a relief to have finally spilled the beans to your boss :)
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