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Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I'm super excited to start reading this book! DH is buying it for my birthday next weekend, and I think it's super cute he is going out and buying it without me.

I know this is one of the major books to read before TTC, do you have any other recommendations (sp?)?

Re: Taking Charge of Your Fertility

  • I'm going to the OBGYN for a checkup Wednesday. DH and I decided that we are going to start TTC at the end of next summer (we're hoping to be PG in August or Sept of next year so the baby will come in May/June, which is right when school gets out).

    I'm going to ask her a few questions, but honestly, other thatn taking vitamins, I'm not doing too much. I don't want to worry about it too much because that takes the fun out of it. I am OCD/Type A and I don't want to think about it too much. Unless, of course, we have problems, then we will have to think about it. Smile

    I've heard something on the news the other day that I think I'm going to stick to once we start trying... a new study came out about how bad caffiene (sp?) really is for pregnant women and babies. I think docs used to say that once you got to the 3rd trimester you could have it, but now they are saying none at all. This is going to be hard for me because I get headaches without a Coke each day (well, ususally I drink about a half a Coke each day).

    DH drinks way too much soda, and it's something that I'm always on him about. He said that once I get PG he will kick soda since I have to. We'll see if that happens. Stick out tongue

  • I got a head start on "What To expect when you are expecting". I always see it on the store and  it's been on the NYT bestseller list forever. I'm not sure how "good" it is compared to other books, but it seemed like the quientessential book to read.

     The caffenine is going to be hard for me too. I live for my Chic-fil-a sweet tea ( or just good sweet tea). Even the decaffinated stuff has caffeine so that's gonna be my habit to break. To be honest- I need to break it now- all that sugar is not healthy either.

  • I've been trying to cut back on caffine soo much.  We haven't bought any boxes of can sodas with caffine in it in a couple of weeks. I don't think I can just go without soda completly though.. I've been trying to drink sprite. And then i drink unsweet tea, decaf.
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  • We aren't thinking about TTC for another 2 years, so we have some time. But I found out in August that I have a Unicorniate Uterus, which will make ttc harder. Basically, I didn't fully develop in my mom's uterus and I have half the uterus I am supposed to have and only one techincally functioning ovary/fallopian tube. I do have both ovaries and fallopian tubes, but I don't have two openings for the tubes. So, I only really ovulate/drop an egg in my uterus every other month, which drops my chances of getting pregnant in half. I know we will have to chart and I believe that TCOYF talks about charting.
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  • I didn't really read anything in preparation for TTC. I had just gone for my annual exam in the beginning of the year, and talked with my Dr then if there's anything in particular we should do. Other than maintain a healthy lifestyle, there's nothing we changed.


     BTW, I still drink caffine. I've never been a big caffine drinker, but I do like iced tea and soda (and chocolate) every now and then. I've followed the "rules" presented by the American Pregnancy Association and a can of soda or a candy bar is well below the "safe" level.


    Also, talk to your Dr about caffine intake...and as most pregnant women will tell you---everything in moderation!


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  • Reading TCOYF is definitely a great first step.  Also, I suggest you join fertilityfriend.com & start charting (there's a free version that I use as well as a paid VIP one); a lot of docs ask for charts if you have trouble TTC.  Buy a basal thermometer to chart with; you can get them @ most drugstores for like $10.  Make sure you take a prenatal & have DH take some too; folic acid is important for both of you!

    There's a whole bunch of other stuff you could do but that's the basic.  If you're just coming off BCPs or other hormonal birth control remember it may take a few months to ovulate or have "normal" cycles.  Also remember that even if you do everything right you still only have a 20% chance each month of conceiving.  I know; we're on month 4 of TTC as of AF's arrival early this morning.



    TTC since 2008

    8 IUIs of varying med combos: all BFNs

    IVF #1 w/ICSI (Long Lupron): 5R, 2M, 1F

    3dt of 1 = BFFN

    IVF #2 w/ICSI (Antagonist): 10R, 8M, 4F

    3dt of 2 = BFMFN

    1 frosty just chillin'

    IVF #3 (Antagonist): started stims 12/15

    <a href="http://tinyurl.com/lsojsn">Click here to look inside my warped little infertile mind</a>
  • Thanks ladies for all your responses!
  • Reading TCOYF is definitely a great first step. DH bought it for as soon as we got back from the honeymoon and I have been charting every since. I use the computer program it comes with (attached to the book) I had to pay because it only gives you one month free, but it is great. I found fertility friend a little difficult to understand, but the TCOYF program is great and explains step by step what is going on with your body. I had never heard of charting before reading this book and I think it is so amazing that you body goes through such patterns. GL to you...nothing for us yet!

  • Like others said TCOYF is a great read.  I read it and was just starting to chart temps.. not really for TTC purposes, but to help with when I should expect my period.  Lukcily we got preggo first cycle off the pill.  Definitely go for a full gyno exam prior to TTC and talk to your doctor about it.  Then just have fun.  Some people get really stressed out about it and then it takes away all the fun of "baby dancing".

     On the caffiene thing.. I still drink caffiene... I'll have a coke a couple times a week, coffee once a week.  My ob said it;s fine to have 3 cups of coffee a day without any risk of problems.  But she did say to avoid diet products because of the artificial sweetners.

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