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Yipes, time to chose a duty station

Ok, so my fianc?e got a whole list of choices for his next duty station. We are really going to try to stay at Ft. Bragg, but we are struggling with other good choices.


Any experiences with any of the following:


Bethesda, Maryland

Ft. Campbell

Wiesbaden, Germany


Thanks a million. 

Re: Yipes, time to chose a duty station

  • As I am being dragged kicking and screaming from opinion might be biased.

    But if you are newly married and do not have kids - DO GERMANY NOW.  Not that you cannot live in Europe and travel with your kids (because I did it and been all over Europe with just my DD), but it is so much easier.

    And if you are earlier enough in your DH's career, you can always come back and do it again*

    *Second reason why I am pushing Europe.  The odds are, the US is going to close down more and more overseas bases.  Baumholder is gone in 2013/15.  Spangdahlem just lost its heavy planes (half of its population).  And there is always talk about more.

    Dont let the opportunity slip out of your fingers.

  • We are newly married and don't plan on kids for the next few years... That does factor in.

     Here's my personal issue I'm a rather career oriented person, and I don't want a three year hole in my resume. How likely is it that I'd be able to get a job there? 

  • You probably won't have a three year hole, but you will have some hole.  We have been married two years and I have moved from home to Bragg to Knox and have not gone without a job the entire time.  If he did decide on Germany, try networking now especially at Fort Bragg because it is so big and someone you know knows someone over there.  I have heard Germany is amazing.  However, we left Fort Bragg two years ago and have been doing everything in our power to go back there and never, ever, ever leave there again! (of course right now we are also deciding if we should move to Ft. Lewis if you look at my post from two days ago but we are now leaning toward bragg again). Also, Fort Campbell is close to Nashville which is an amazing city and would offer a lot as far as jobs go as well as good night life and outdoor activities as Tennessee is a beautiful state all together.  I don't know anything about Maryland, I do not know anyone who has ever been there.  What is his job?  I know for my husband outside of Bragg there isn't much for him as far as career progression goes, which is why he regrets leaving there (he was blinded by the bonus that came with coming here).
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  • I'll push for germany as well. It was a great oppurtunity to see Europe. Also you can find a job. It has been done, it may not be in your carreer, but you can find something close to it. Use ACS for help.
  • Oh goodness.. I love Wiesbaden. 

    I grew up on an Army installation that is now closed (Wuerzburg, Germany) for quite some years and miss it TERRIBLY.

    It's an adjustment, but a fairly easy one if you're open minded. A huge chunk of the population speak English (especially the younger crowd as they are required in school), you still have quite a few fast food chains (for some reason Pizza Hut tastes horrible here and AMAZING over there haha), and you're right in the middle of Europe.. It's so easy to travel everywhere. The houses are all incredible (if you choose to live off post), the community is close and nice in Wiesbaden, the schools are all fantastic for kids (although you don't have any at the moment so I suppose that's not important), the food there is to-die-for...

    Can you tell I miss it? haha.. Nothing will ever compare to Christmas in Germany. I personally like being pushed outside my comfort zone, so I will always suggest the more "out there" choice, which, in this situation is DE, but I also truly loved it there and if we had the chance to get orders there, we would take them in a heart beat.


    I understand worrying about your career, but when will you ever get your behind over to Europe to REALLY experience culture (and IMO a week trip to some beach in Italy doesn't count as reeeally experiencing the culture :P) Jobs still hire out there, there are still random places to work on and off post, long distance, whathaveyou... But even if you DON'T work for three years, I'm sure an employer in the US will understand when you say, "I haven't worked in three years because my husband is military and they sent up overseas, but it meant getting to better learn how to deal with ambiguity, etc"  

  • Yes, I have experience with all three!  I grew up in Germany (both my parents were AD army) and it's absolutely wonderful there.  I highly recommend it.  It's easy to travel around Europe, it's gorgeous, and everyone is really welcoming.   I'm at Ft Campbell right now and I like it, it's a nice community and a nice area that's highly military-oriented.  I spent a large majority of my childhood in the DC area (Bethesda, MD and northern VA) and that area is nice, but extremely urban and busy.  There's a bunch of military families there for you to get to know but if you want to get out of the "military bubble" it's easy.

     Out of the three, my personal top choice would be Germany seeing as you're still young and not planning on kids for awhile, that's the time to travel to Europe!

     Hope that helped! 

  • Thanks everyone!


    He just called me and said that his company wants to keep him as XO, so looks like we're staying in Bragg. I'm excited to move one day, but this feels right for this time in our lives.  

  • I'm new to Bragg myself and trying to find some way of meeting people/finding something to do on post to occupy my time! I have been to FRGs but there isn't much going on with that this summer. Do you have any suggestions? 
  • Bragg has SO much to do!  So many job opportunities, so many volunteer opportunities.  Start with the MWR and ACS pages.  They offer a lot of classes and opportunity to meet people.  And go to the beach as much as you can.  I miss being able to go whenever I wanted on the weekends there :)
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