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embarrassing question (to me)

Ok so...I usually answer posts, but I don't usually post anything. I have a question that is kind of embarrassing to me....but i decided that there are some really nice people on here, so I'll try posting it...

A poster below said that she and DH want to start experimenting. questions is...if you and your SO watch porn does that work? I'm sorry this question sounds so dumb...we've never done anything like that, but my DH has brought it up a few times that he'd be open to you first and then get it on or what?? And how do you bring up that you'd like to try it? TIA!

Re: embarrassing question (to me)

  • When we watch together, we hardly ever make it through the whole video. Just go with it!

    As far as bringing up that you'd like to watch it with him, it def. sounds like he's interested in watching together, so I bet if you just mention it, he'd be more than happy to take it from there!

  • doggy style.....watching and fuccking at the same time.
  • Nope not dumb at all. It might seem a bit off if you've never done anything like that before.

    just pop it in the DVD player and see what happens. It might turn you on, or you might just end of laughing at it (we've actaully done both lol). I would not suggest one with a story line since they can be distracting sometimes.

    Either way, have fun. 

  • We usually turn it on and watch about 30 sec before we start making out and it goes from there. It's more just background, but just turn it on and go from there. It'll probably be a little weird the first time, but try to let go of any embarrassment or uncomfortableness and enjoy trying something new. You can always turn it off Smile
  • lol were the opposite i like to wach it and he doesnt really care but he def wouldnt initiate it. what i do is turn it on in the bedroom while hes in the living room and then call him in there while im on the bed it lets him know im ready =) or have the tv off when we go to bed with it playing and then turn on the tv and surprise! good luck!!
  • I just bought some and surprised him with it...he had no idea I wanted to watch it or would buy it.  I had good results!

    Unfortunately, we laugh at it more than it turns us on.  Although, last weekend we watched one that normally makes us giggle, but this time it ended in some awesome oral sex!

  • hmmmm....may have to try that. I'm sure hubby wouldn't mind. :)


  • My husband loves watching porn with me. He likes to imagine me doing the things the girls in the movies are doing. So when we watch it together I can imitate stuff he really likes. Its a great way to maybe learn some new moves. Wink
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  • dh and i imitate what theyre doing onscreen ands watch at the same time
  • Sounds like your H is open to the idea already. So I would just order one and go from there. IMO - it is nearly impossible to both sit and watch and not get aroused. You most likely will not get through the entire movie, and if you do... all I can say is WOW! Yes

    We watched them a couple of time, but (shocking I know) that is not my H thing.

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