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All the Mama's

How are these babies doing?!

I just realized we don't really do any type of "check in" like we used to.

 So how are the kiddo's doing? Weight? Height? Teeth? New foods? Crawling? walking?

Are you planning on sharing some Thanksgiving dinner or sticking with your normal routine?


Re: All the Mama's

  • I was just going to post something to the moms about the formula situation (they found traces of melanine in a couple of the formulas).  Ben uses Enfamil AR and Enfamil Lipil was found to have the highest levels.  It concerns me that it's the same manufacturer as the one he eats.  I'm trying to remain calm, but honestly am freaking out a little. 
  • Scarlett had her 9 month appt on Monday

    She is 19lbs 3oz 28.5 inches long

    She has 2 bottom teeth.  Her top gums are so swollen it is a sin.

    She is def going to get some turkey, stuffing and mash potatoes.

    She is walking down the couch.


    The hole in her heart closed up!  Very exciting!

    Scarlett and Drew
  • Jonathan was 18 lbs even at his 7 month appt. He has four teeth, two top two bottom. Rolls all over the place and does a little army crawling. You can tell he wants to crawl so bad and is getting frustrated. I am sure he will just take off one day.

    I did buy some new stage two things for him to try but he still hasnt finished a whole one in one sitting- i guess he doesnt have his mother's appetite! He just started with two meals per day, usually a veggie for lunch and cereal/fruit for dinner. I have tried to give him some table food but he spits it out. He loves potatoe and wheat bread though.

     For t-day, I bought beechnuts corn casserole ...I was tempted to buy the turkey but pureed meats scare me. I am sure I will let him have some mash and sweet potatoes as well.

     I finally got him a taggie blanket, he loves it! He still likes playing with the wooden blocks and the linkies. Not really into all his other toys yet though. I am hoping he likes all the cool things we got for xmas


    David John 4.19.01
    Jonathan Dean 4.5.08
    Anna Capri 5.4.11
  • Ben is doing great.  He had his 9 month appt on Monday.  He's 21lbs,8oz and 30.5 inches.  He's got 4 teeth and 3 more (and a molar) coming in.  He's crawling all over the place, pulling himself up on furniture, people,etc...and lately has started standing for a couple seconds at a time w/o holding onto anything.  He waves 'bye bye' now and it cracks me up.  I've been trying to teach him how to clap but he's not really interested.

    I suspected (and the dr confirmed it the other day) that Ben has a very pronounced gag reflex.  He doesn't do well with puffs, Cheerios, etc. yet, and even mashing up fruit, it makes him gag/vomit.  So, we're holding off any table foods for now and will try again in a month or so.  I'm not rushing it.

    Although, my sister is making mashed sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and I think I'm going to give him some...since there's nothing else in it (no butter, milk, etc.).  I'll just make sure it's nice and mushy.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Logan is great! He just had a check up for his torticolis at CHOP and he is strong as ever but still have a 3% tilt. Not bad for a kid who started with a 70% tilt and was told PT wouldnt work & he'd need surgery! Go Logie!

    He is still in love with vaccuming and I am thinking of renting him out for holiday cleaning. :-)

    He will have thanksgiving with us. We do the solo thanksgiving at home so we will eat at our usual dinner time and he can join us. He loves mashed potatoes so he will feast.

    Walking -yes New food- taco salad (school introduced him) Weight-31lbs

  • Chase had his 9 month appt yesterday.

    He is 19lbs 11oz and 28 inches long. Doctor said he is growing perfectly! Right on track. He crawls and pulls up in his crib now. Says "MaMa" & "DaDa'. Still no teeth. I totally wouldn't care if he wasn't teething. But teething off and on for almost 5 months now and NO teeth. My poor peanut.

    He has these little temper tantrums now. If he grabs something he's not supposed to have, and you take it away, he FLIPS out. I am totally not used to this since Andrew was a little angel since day 1. I think I might have my hands full with Chase.

    The Doctor said in a month or 2 I can slowly introduce Whole Milk to start getting him used to the texture. Just an ounce or 2 here and there gradually working my way up.

    He said to continue table foods and make sure that he tries a variety of different foods and textures (obviously avoiding nuts or anything to hard).

    Chase will totally be eating some turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing, etc.

  • awww, everyone's getting so big!

    Harry is 15 months - and just into everything.  His favorite words are hat and NO.  Hat is always accompanied by bobbing up and down and pointing to his head, NO is always accompanied by backing away and making a troll face at me - then laughing in delight.

    He is 25ish lbs and eats EVERYTHING in site, I don't think he'll fit into any of his big brothers clothes when the time comes.  He's going to be much thicker!

  • Hey everyone!  Charlie is doing great, he has his 9 month appt in Dec.  At his 6 month he was 19 lbs, 1 oz and 28.25 in, so I am guessing he is around 22 lbs now.  He is so tall too, he is in 18 month clothes already

    He isn't crawling yet but he is getting there, he scooches around on the floor like crazy.  He just has his two bottom teeth but I think the top ones are coming in soon, he's been having some fussy periods and he is back to loving the teething ring.

    I do all his fruits myself in the am and he is on all stage 3 in the pm, mostly all vegetables, occasionally some of the meats.  He likes them better with cereal mixed in, I think the flavors are too strong alone.

    I will probably give him a taste of potatoes and some turkey.  He had a little taste of potatoes before.  He also tasted some cannoli cream!

    Happy 1st Turkey Day to all the babies!

    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • Oh and that is scary about the formula, I had not heard about it.  We use the Target or Member's Mark version of Enfamil Lipil.  It is sooooooo much cheaper
    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • Michael is great!  He has two teeth on the bottom, he's had them for quite a while, 2 months maybe, no sign of any more.  At his 6 month he was 21lbs 12 oz & 27.75 inches, he is huge, I sware he has the tighest abs in our family (not hard to do ha ha).  He army crawls like a champ & is up on all 4s, soon he will take off, I can tell. 

    For Thanksgiving I guess he'll get some turkey & mashed potatoes, I'm going to bring along a jar of corn & butternut squash puree, it's his favorite.  I can't blame him, it tastes like butternut squash soup, mmm.

     We had our Christmas pics taken at Pennys, our first pro pics...they turned out well, we're sending out family picture christmas cards this year, yippie!

    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers Lilypie Second Birthday tickers Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • I'm sooo late on this, but just wanted to AW that Bridget will be 1 on Monday!  I cannot believe it!!  Her bday party is tomorrow!  It's so bittersweet.  She was born on a Saturday morning so  it was this weekend on year ago that I had her.  DH and I were reminicing (sp?) about it last night.  I can't believe how fast that 1st year went.  What a crazy, wonderful year!
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