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Wii vs. XBOX 360

I need some help deciding between getting DH and DD a Wii or XBOX 360.?

I want to surprise them both with a game system. I think the Wii is definitely more popular and talked about. DD loves playing the Wii at MIL's house but I think DH likes playing the sports games (Football, Baseball, Basketball) on the other kind of game systems. Decisions, decisions......

I just need some advice and opinions from others who own or have played these systems. TIA!!!?

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Re: Wii vs. XBOX 360

  • we have a Wii and we love it--DH plays it more than I do.  However he doens't like the madden and nba games.  my sister and her husband have an XBOX 360 and he loves all the games. It seems the Wii is more family friendly in terms of types of games that might not appeal to your DH.
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  • I think the 360 has more options for good games vs the Wii.  One of my friends who is very into gaming recommends the 360 usually if you can only get one system.  The Wii is definitely fun (Mario Kart is awesome - last night we played that and Wii Sports with our friends, Zelda is fun, Wii Fit is also good, heard good things about Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Party), but today I got the 360 for DH at Best Buy (awesome deal - $299 for 60GB system with controller plus 4 games  I didn't go until almost 9am and the Best Buy by me had plenty left) and while browsing the 360 selection there are definitely more games that would appeal to guys.  DH plays the Wii with me some, but not really a whole lot.  I think he's going to like the 360 more, especially since he can play online with his friends (they're also very excited that I got him the 360).  Not sure if that's helpful, but like pp said, if you're looking for something more family/fun with company over, the Wii is good, but if you're looking for something that your DH will like to play on his own (or with good sports game that he can play alone or with friends), then the 360 might be the way to go.  HTH!
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  •  DH has all three- he loves the X-box and playing live- especially with his friends in Atlanta. We have a Wii too, but we mostly play that one together. If he is a serious or semi-serious gamer thanthe x-ox is better for him. The Wii is more of a family/non-gamer system.

    THe Wii is good a choice if you are trying to buy for both- most games are availale on Wii now ( like Madden and NBA, Guitar hero ect.) so if you can get one that might be your best bet if they are going to share the system.

    We actually have every gaming system in our house ( x-box, playstaion & wii) so you can tell DH loves him video games.


    HTH and Happy Shopping!

  • We have both. DH definitely prefers the 360.  Xbox Live is great. You can rent movies with it. You can also tie it to your Netflix account and watch all of those movies as well.  Wii is more family-friendly, though.
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  • We have both and DH definitely prefers the 360. We got our Wii the day after Christmas last year and have literally probably played it less than 20 times. I like Wii sports, but that's about it. The other games are ridiculously cheesey.

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  • We also have both and DH plays the 360 more. He plays xbox live with his friends in Chicago.

    We play the wii sometimes, mostly when we have people over and we are bored. I love mario kart.

  • We have both and Curtis definitely uses the 360 more.
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  • The XBOX is going to be the most DH friendly. The Wii will be more friendly for everyone in the family. DH and I LOVE our Wii!
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