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Help - moving into rental property and it's gross...

Ladies, I need all of your best cleaning tips.

DH and I are moving into a rental property this weekend and since we requested to move in early, the place was left gross.  The previous tennant (a single 20-something male) clearly did not even do so much as run a vacuum.  The walls, baseboards, carpets, blinds - everything needs a deep clean.

I picked up magic erasers for the millions of scuffs on the walls.  That is as far as I've gotten.  We are hoping to clean on Friday and move in on Saturday.


Re: Help - moving into rental property and it's gross...

  • Sounds like you could use to watch a few episodes of How Clean is Your House?.

    I moved into a place which was very disgusting.  The only way I was able to feel better was to scrub everything possible with bleach water. 

    You may want to consider renting a carpet cleaner if you don't have one.  Remember to wipe out all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom/s.  If he is leaving behind a dryer, I would check the lint trap - he most likely wasn't keeping it cleaned.

    If the walls are as bad as you make it sound, I would consider painting.

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  • I'd call a cleaning service... moving is no fun and I'd hate to stress about cleaning too!
  • Seriously -- find $200 or so and get a cleaning service to come help you -- even if they just do the bathrooms and the kitchen, and you stick to the living areas.  It is worth it in a million ways.
  • I am with the other ladies - call a cleaning service - it's worth the money to get the help and reduce your stress.  And you know it will get cleaned well.  (Not that you wouldn't - but I mean instead of asking friends for help - go to professionals.)  Good luck!
  • Thanks ladies.

    Since we have to clean and move over this holiday weekend I am thinking a cleaning service is not feasible.  My MIL has a steam cleaner, which we are going to borrow.  Other than that I guess DH and I will just bust out the bleach water and go to town! 

  • WHy do you think a cleaning service is not feasible?  Lots of people get their house cleaned this week BEFORE thanksgiving, which means those organizations (merry maids, molly maids, etc) that have regular jobs probably have no jobs to fill on Friday. Seriously, it's worth 10 minutes to do the research and call.
  • Um, why isn't your landlord taking care of this?  It's his/her responsibility (labor and cost).
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