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I'm back too!

Wow, a couple of German nesties re-appear on the same day :)
I too hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter how difficult that can be overseas.

The last month was so crazy here.  My mom passed away after being in a coma for 4 days.  It was actually quite peaceful when she let go.  Of course, after that, was the craziness of funeral planning, which went quite well. My mom had kind of turned a lot of people against her over the years, and it was nice to see all those who came to say goodbye. 

We also had the insanity of the house.  My stepbrother and I obviously will not live in their house, so we have to sell it, ASAP. My mom was a total shopaholic, and it took us almost a full week to go through most things in the house, five gigantic moving boxes full of clothes with tags included.  We set up an Estate sale for the weekend we return for Christmas.  Seriously, there was so much involved in these past few weeks, it feels great to just be a lazy blob on my couch again!

I hope that you are all doing great :)

Re: I'm back too!

  • You most definitely deserve to be a blob. You have been through so much this year and I can imagine how exhausted you feel.?

    I'm glad things were peaceful for your mother and that you have had a fair amount of support. I hope December is much less eventful for you.?

  • I have been thinking about you too.  Knowing that the past month is so much for anyone to handle.  Rest as much as you can before you go back to work.  Your body and mind need it.

    the was someone who posted I think the day you left to go to the states that is a nestie who lives in Stuttgart.  Look for a post around the time that you went back.

  • Welcome back!  I hope that 2009 has something magical in store for you!
  • Hi, i've been thinking about you. It's so rough what you've been through and it's been going on so's absolutely right that you look after yourself and be blob-like for as long as you need. Hope you can find some peace in the coming weeks and 2009 is a truly wonderful year for you.
  • Welcome back to IN.  Best of luck with the house sale.  You deserve all the rest you can get.
  • Thank you all for all your support through all of this.  I've found that living abroad leaves a void in those friends and family support groups we had built up at home.  Turns out there is an amazingly wonderful group of women here that have helped so much to fill that void.

    Thank you again!  And here's to all of you, amazing INs!!

  • i'm a little late in replying, but i just wanted to say welcome back, too!

    {{hugs}} and as my grandma used to say, you deserve a gold star.

  • Welcome back.  I know things have been really hard lately, but hope that you 2009 has lots of "good" in store for you.
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    After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.
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