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Loud eaters are gross.

My husband is a "smacker" when he eats.  The sound is awful.  It is a recent thing.  I've never noticed it before.  Maybe it was there and I just didn't notice.  I don't know.  Anyway, he smacks, chomps, slicks his fingers audibly.  Would you say something to him or just leave it be?

Re: Loud eaters are gross.

  • I'm not sure?  If you wanted to say something, maybe you could work it into a manners for Quint thing??  Like leading by example?
  • I'd try to come up with a nice way to mention it.
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  • because i can relate to this post (and complained about smacking during our meal tonight), i showed it to my DH, who is sitting next to me on the couch. this is priceless...

    he says, "did you write that?"

    me, "i should have!"

    i have no idea if there is a nice way to bring it up. i just tell him to stop eating so loudly- he's as bad as the dog. then he calls me a nag. and it continues. you bet i'll be spearheading the "manners" department for our kids!

  • I say it to Marco all the time. He smack his candy all the time and he also, for some bizarre reason, when he eats he breathes like he just ran a marathon.

    Notice I say that I say it to him all the time, meaning it does no good.

    p.s. I didn't notice Danny smacking on t-day dinner.

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