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Pain down there?

102007102007 member
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For about a week, I've been having a dull pain down below, I guess in my pubic bone? It pretty much only hurts when I kind of feels like I'm pulling apart or something. Is this a normal pg pain, or something to worry about? I plan to ask my midwife about it next week...but it's just weird! And I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing I should be resting for, exercising more, stretching, not stretching....My hips don't hurt at all, it's just the between the legs portion.

Anyone else?

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Re: Pain down there?

  • I think it's just your body stretching out and relaxing.  I would ask your midwife at your appointment because I know that it can get pretty painful.  My friend had to go to physical therapy for a few weeks to learn exercises to make it feel better.  I had quite  a bit of that pain and it was just normal pregnancy stuff.  Hope it feels better soon!
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  • I had the same thing.  I believe it's pretty normal for pregnancy.


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  • Yup, I had that ALL THE TIME! It sucked.
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  • My front crotch hurt. It was the pubic bone separating, it hurt going back too. I say normal pain.
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  • 102007102007 member
    Third Anniversary
    Awesome - thanks girls. I figured it probably WAS normal, but you know, you google one little thing, and the whole internet tells you that yes, you ARE in fact ripping apart and it's irreversible and well, you're scr*wed. :)
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    **congrats to my buddies GotMilk9 & Whippet8**
    **TTC buddies with JennaHack & Whippet8**
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