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So who's spending Thanksgiving with just the household

Yep, I am. Found out two nights ago that my cousin who we normally go to in NJ may have Fifths disease (will receive his blood test to confirm or not in a few weeks!) and I am currently pregnant. Esp. since I am high risk, it was a 'better be safe than sorry' decision. And so we will not be going. After my BIL found out, said he'd check with his GF's family in VA. So in the event we're unable to go to his Thxgvg, we just bought a 3lb turkey for the three of us (DH, me and DC).....

Who else is like us and for what reason?

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Re: So who's spending Thanksgiving with just the household

  • A three pound turkey? What was it, the runt of the litter? hehe

     *sigh* Yesterday I found out that the cousins I was looking forward to seeing at dinner will not be there tomorrow.

    " don't bring anything big..." Meanwhile, the cake I made was baking away in the oven.

    I don't even want to go now. It's only going to be four people and I am not looking forward to the day. I promised the hostess I'd be there early to help her with dinner, so I guess I'm stuck.

  • We were supposed to drive up to my grandparents' house, but my uncle recently had major heart surgery and his recovery is going much worse than planned. My grandma is caring for him and is super stressed, so she cancelled Thanksgiving (and who could blame her?) DH and I couldn't afford tickets home because they jacked up the price for Thanksgiving and it would have been 600 bucks for the two of us. So, instead, we have reservations at a nice French restaurant. We get a three course Thanksgiving meal for 35 each. Not cheap, but a lot less than 300 each to go home! I'm excited not to cook this year, since I've hosted the last five years in a row. (Not that I don't love to cook.) We'll probably go see a movie or something as well.
  • LMAO.....TarponMonoxide....I meant a 3lb turkey breast!


    Nutmeg, cilantro, sage, mint, thyme... these are a few of my favorite things! Visit The Nest!Visit The Nest! We have four children; one left us too soon.
  • I had Fifths when I was fun....anyway....

    DH and I just got married in October and we live in California and both families are in New York, so we're spending the holidays in our apartment with on of DH's friends (after a wedding and honeymoon, we have no $$ for plane tickets and no time off work). ?We have a 20 lb. turkey, cookies, 4 boxes of stuffing and god knows what else....I'm pretty sure DH is going to make enough food for an army ;)?

  • I've got final projects due and presentations all next week.  So it's just H and I.  I'm making fajitas.  H can have turkey again in a few weeks after this school crap is over.  But I'm NOT cooking all day tomorrow.
  • DH is a nurse and works both tonight and tomorrow night from 7pm through 7:30am, so Tgiving is just us :)
  • We were meant to drive the 3 hours to IL's for Tgiving.  DS has pneumonia so we are staying at home.

    Pity it has to be because my son is sick as a dog but I will take it any way I can get it. 


  • We both have to work the rest of the weekend, so it just doesn't make sense to spend money on such a short visit with family.  Its weird not being with family, but it will be nice to have my husband to my self all day long!
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  • DH and I are! We rotate holidays, so this year it's supposed to be my parent's turn for Thanksgiving. ?However, due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances (Shakespeare could write a play about it :) ) that didn't work out, so we will see them for Easter instead and spend Thanksgiving just us. ?We're planning a nice romantic dinner, turkey and all. ?:D?
  • When we first got married, we tried going to various houses, but it was exhausting, we both have family members with issues that we are tired of dealing with, so now we do our own Thanksgiving. Plus when I was in school, this was a great weekend to get work done. But now that I'm done with school, I'm going to enjoy relaxing!

  • Just us here too. We orginally have thanksgiving at dh's sister's but they and my mil went to go to dh's aunts at the last minute so we decided to stay home. I am annoyed because the turkey we bought a few days ago isn't thawed yet so no idea what we will be eating instead.

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  • It's just us, it's our first married Thanksgiving and we've had a lot of outside circumstances (I was laid off and my uncle died) plus we don't get along very well with DH's family.  We decided to just stay here and do our own thing. 
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  • We always stay home.  Our parents are plane rides in opposite directions and, frankly, if they're not going to visit us ever then I really don't feel obligated to deal with airports and airlines on the busiest day of the year.
  • We always spend Thanksgiving at home.  It's just too much work to pack, drag the kids to NY/NJ (we're in VA) and deal with everything.  We prefer to relax, have a nice meal together, and hang out.

    The smalles turkey I could find was 11 lbs.  DH refuses to let me make just a breast, it has to be a whole bird, so we're going to be eating leftovers for a long time!  It was a nice day, though; I wouldn't have changed it.

  • It is just DH and I this year b/c we live over 3k miles away. we're just relaxing and making our turkey! I did get a 12 pounder though... l love leftovers.
  • I wish I were spending the holiday just with my DH and DP (Puppy). But in laws came, and I invited a girlfriend of mine with her two girls. So there were five of us and two kids/ Her husband just got deployed to Kuwait three months ago. It was a nice time, and I look forward to spending Sat and Sun just with DH.
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  • Just me, the hubs, the kiddos and the puppy.

     It's been fabulous and very stress free.

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