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Storm damage, anyone?

Hopefully everyone is okay after the crazy storms last night.  My folks live in Gladstone and live about 5 blocks from where the "tornado" (if that was really what it was) hit.  They don't have power, but are okay.

I live in Overland Park, very far South.  We didn't have any damage.

I hope everyone is okay today!!

Re: Storm damage, anyone?

  • No damage here. I'm in Grandview. I have been watching the news all morning and it looks like there was a lot of damage in the Northland.

    Apparently Oklahoma City had some bad weather last night too. DH may have to go down there for work (he's an insurance adjuster). I hope he doesn't, because if he does, it will be for 2 weeks. Boo! 

  • We're in northern Lee's Summit, and I don't think we have any damage. We did go down into the basement for about 10 minutes because the tornado sirens started going off, but the weather guy said it was more a risk in southern LS.
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  • We took cover around 2am even though our sirens weren't going off. I think they should have been though! About 4 miles up 291 (North) a lot of our friends had some damage. One had an a/c unit blow over! Another had a house right across the street pretty much destroyed.

     On my way to work I saw the Arby's in Independence completely gone. It's weird because nothing near it was destroyed.

    I hope everyone is alright!

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  • Here in Leavenworth we faired alright through the storm that came through around 1am (or something like that). ?It just woke me up for a few moments and then I went straight back to sleep. ?No damage done anywhere near where we live.

    ?I just talked to my Mom in OKC and she says they just had some hail but nothing other than that so they're ok down there too.

    ?Gotta love the Kansas summers! ??

  • Wow, hope everyone is okay!

    We didn't get anything nearly that bad out here. It stormed around 10pm, but never got really bad. I think they said we got less than a half inch of rain. I heard it for a little bit, but that was it!

  • Glad to hear everyone is okay.

    DH drove along 39th St in Independence on his way to work this a.m. and said there were a lot of downed tree limbs. He also said the Noland Rd. bridge was closed because of downed power lines, and there were tons of fire trucks & emergency vehicles there.

    Beth, where is the Arby's that got hit? DH heard them mention it on the radio this morning but didn't know which one it was. Tornadoes are so strange that they can hit one thing and leave everything else standing.

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  • No damage to my house, but one of the schools here lost part of the gym roof. We had a tornado warning and I woke up because the wind was so loud, but our sirens never went off... which is a little disturbing!
  • image E&D07:

    Beth, where is the Arby's that got hit? DH heard them mention it on the radio this morning but didn't know which one it was. Tornadoes are so strange that they can hit one thing and leave everything else standing.

    The Arby's is on 291 in Independence just South of 23rd St. It's by Cummins Tools. I was shocked! There were tons of news crews there.

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  • There was rotations about 12 miles south of Topeka, but we didn't have any damage. I actually didn't leave the house today (sick) but DH would have told me if anything was completely damaged.
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  • We didn't have any damage.  There were some trees down in the neighborhood and we haven't had power since about 1:30 Friday morning which is really starting to bother me.  They have told us 3 different times of when it will be on and have yet to meet those times.  I am hoping for today!


  • We live in Brooke Ridge, where the F3 was...it was basically in our backyard.  All of our neighbors homes are destroyed.  Luckily, our home just has bad roof damage, water damage, busted windows, and it shifted from the foundation.  We are living in a hotel until our insurance can get us into a rental home.  We are all so lucky that we are alright...we were just waking up when the tornado was in our yard.  I have never been so terrified in my entire life. 
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