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TGIF! Weekend Plans?

I can't believe it's Memorial Day Weekend!

This year has flown by already. I can't believe E is 4 months old.

What are you all doing this weekend? Moms, are your kids done with school yet?

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Re: TGIF! Weekend Plans?

  • Tonight: Book Club!!! - I am meeting my mom today and she is taking the kids down to my parents house for the weekend! Huzzah!

    Tomorrow: We demo our main bathroom.

    Sunday: Pick up the kids in Colorado Springs and go have dinner with the ILs in Lakewood

    Monday: Just hang out around the house as a family.

    Next Thursday is E's last day of school and then we have a potluck on Friday. I am excited about a pinterest recipe I found.

    Tizzle 10/07 ~ Boppy 7/09 ~ Chicken 1/12

    Robin (jason&robin)'s book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)

    2014 Reading Goal: 85

  • DD has ballet today.

     Tomorrow SIL is taking DD to Pirates Cove and I think she's keeping her for the night.  DH and I (mostly DH) will work on the backyard, possibly planting some blueberry bushes.

    Sunday, nothing much.

    Monday is a regular day for us, DH has to work.

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  • Friday night: book club!

    Saturday: there are two things I must do today: buy some bras and get a pedicure. My best bra had the wire poke through and my second best one ripped. This is a dire situation. Also, my feet are gross. A pedi is my reward to myself for getting a new job (in addition to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack!).

    Sunday: take dh to a medical thing and then go for a long run.

     Monday. Get some stuff done around the house and get some work done (finalize report cards, work on paperwork for new job etc). 


  • Friday I went to dinner with DH and BF and then came home and collapsed.  It was a looong day and I had no breaks from 7:30am when the kids arrived until they left at 4. Field day went well but was tiring, and I stayed at school until 7 packing my classroom, grading, and organizing paperwork for next week.  When I got home I realized all I had consumed was a Cherry Coke, a small smoothie, and 1/2 of a dried apple piece. oopsies! lol

     Yesterday DH and I stayed in our PJs all day =]  We watched tv, a movie, I made skillet spaghetti for dinner, and I did a lot of planning for our trip and working on some school stuff.

     Today we are getting massages, I need to go to Bookies for a couple things for my teammate's end of the year gift, and I am making chicken fajitas for dinner.

    I also have to make awards for our 5th grade picnic, go to Costco and order contacts and get stuff for said picnic, laminate some stuff the kids made for my teammate and bind them in a book, write letters to my kiddos for their end of the year present, make a slideshow of all pictures from this year, more trip planning, laundry, vacuum, export my docs and emails to save from work, return library books, and.... several other things I can't think of now.

     Whew!  What a list!  I love these posts because it helps me make a to do list ;) 

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