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What's the best exercise to get rid of tummy?

I'm thin and always been the same weight but suddenly got this little belly out of nowhere. It bothers me but not to the extent that I'm willing to do sit ups every night. I already exercise a couple of times a week but is there any particular exercise (except sit ups, can't stand them:( that will get rid of belly fast?

Re: What's the best exercise to get rid of tummy?

  • If the little belly is fat, you can't spot reduce. However, if you are eating too many carbohydrates, drinking too much alcohol, or stressed, that can be linked to stomach fat. Cutting these things down may make a difference.

    If your stomach just isn't toned, try doing some planks. 

  • Cardio, planks and eating right.
  • Yep, all of the above! Although I hear all the time though that a healthy woman should have that extra little fat at the bottom of the tummy! I tried SO long to get rid of mine but eventually had to embrace it. Not eating carbs helps SO much!  The lifestyle my friend leads to have her flat abs is not healthy her calorie intake is way too low her workouts are not just intense but INSANE .She constantly has a head ache, I'll take the extra pudge :) To smooth out bulge in clothing I choose vintage style undergarments! They usually come up to the natural waist and not rest on the hip. They are a WAY cuter option than just your normal slimming undergarments. Welp that's my 2cents!
  • I had to youtube "planks" because I've never heard of it:) Looks like something I'd be able to do but how effective are they? Has anyone here tried it and got some results?

    Thanks for reminding me that it's ok to have some "tummy fat" too:)

  • planks really do work.  However, don't let it fool you, it's a lot harder than it looks.  When I do planks I time myself until I cant do them.  I use that time as my goal so lets say I can only do one for 30 secons that is the target time.  I continue to do them for 30 seconds working my way up to 40 seconds and so on and so forth! There are a few other great exercises but I would have to find the name for them so it's easier to explain.
  • Planks are one of the most tried and true classic moves out there. They work your entire core. Just make sure you do them in front of a mirror the first time. Most people stick their butt really far up and have a hard time actually keeping their body straight. 

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