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I Know She Was Only Trying To Help (Long Vent!)

While I was out on maternity leave, I had a temp covering my position.  She was very nice and tried very hard to get things right.  But as my boss quickly found out, her skill set was not as refined or advanced as she had led us to believe.  So the three weeks I spent training her prior to me being out for three months was somewhat of a waste as a lot of it just didn't click with her.  So it basically meant that my boss didn't want to give her any real projects to work on and just let her keep up with the day-to-day mundane stuff while I was out.

This all led to her having a lot of down time, which she tried to fill by reorganizing my desk, files and my email inbox.  I've been at my job for over five years.  So while my system may not be the most logically organized to the outside person, it works for me and I never had a problem finding things.  Now all my files are moved around and it drives me nuts when I go to a file cabinet and realize she moved the file elsewhere.  Yes, everything is alphabetical now and has nice little matching file tags, according to what SHE thought the file should be called.  But I'm still spending too much time trying to track down things that she has moved around.  I know I should be appreciative, but honestly, I'm just annoyed.

And what is the absolute worst is that she filed of my emails that were in my inbox.  Over five years worth!!  Again, I had a system and did have some folders set up.  But for someone who doesn't know our business or the relationships I have with my contacts to try and file my correspondence is just ridiculous, and a bit presumptuous.  She created all these folders and subfolders for emails and sometimes her thought processes makes sense, but sometimes they don't.  And she wasn't consistent on how she filed things.  Plus, it makes finding correspondence from someone that much more difficult and I'm having to rely on the search function to find most of my emails (and that's assuming I know the name of the person who sent it to me).

I just feel like if you are a temp (and I did temp work for a while when I first moved to Denver, so I've been there), it is not your job to reorganize or take over someone's personal workspace or information.  Your job is to fill in and make do with what you're given, especially if you're filling in for a specific person for a set time period.  Again, maybe I'm being an ungrateful biotch and I should be thankful that she was able to organize my files and email as I clearly would have never had the time to do so.  But every day when I spin my wheels and waste time trying to sort through what she did, I just want to scream!!


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Re: I Know She Was Only Trying To Help (Long Vent!)

  • Umm, no I don't think you need to be appreciative.  The files might make sense if she was going to stay long term and take over some of those duties, but as a temp you should only do what is asked of you.  The email is ridiculous, I can't even understand why she would think that was a good idea.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this day in and day out now.
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  • I'd be so pissed.
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  • That is awful, I can't believe she did that.
  • She had access to your email!?!?!  I would be furious if she had done anything more than answer them... she shouldn't have organized your email at all!  So sorry this happened.  Hopefully in the future, temps will get their own email and yours will be forwarded to them while you are out.
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  • I'd be pissed too.  She shouldn't be rearranging things unless it was a job she would take over permanently.



  • You are so not an ungrateful biotch! That is crazy. I'd be pissed.


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