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Monday Funday Randoms

Ugh, The nest is slow this AM and it posted 3x for one post.  

Saturday was horrible here but Sunday was much better. With yesterdays heat we put in the 2nd A/C and it helped drop the temp upstairs by about 5 degrees.

My bday is tomorrow and I still have no idea what I want to do. Any idea's on a place to go for either lunch or dinner that won't break the bank?


Re: Monday Funday Randoms

  • Harmony Brewing!! We went Saturday night with Henry for my birthday, which was yesterday! We noticed they had a Tuesday night special for pizzas. $5 for cheese or $7 pepperoni. The pizza would be enough for you and your H to split, if you added an appetizer. Plus they sell half pints of their beer, so you can have just a small amount if you want.

    The service there was awesome and the food and beer very good. Our waitress brought out a sliced apple for Henry to nibble on while we waited for our food. She also brought him children's books to look through. We were really happy overall with our visit there and will definitely go back.


    ETA: They have other pizzas, of course. Mike and I split a sausage, goat cheese and basil pizza. 

  • Good morning. Hope that everyone had a good weekend. I went to Millenium Park  yesterday with my friend - it was nice and took the edge off of the heat.
  • WendyGRWendyGR member
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    I was in Atlanta Friday and Saturday at a work conference. It was awesome.

    Our new refrigerator is up and running, and I've been inspired to start cooking again ;-) I really need to restock my pantry so I'm looking forward to a shopping spree soon. 

  • Good morning!

     Happy birthday Hoek and Deeder. Hope your days are good.

     Weekend was swell. I graduated yesterday!! it was hot as all get out under my fancy robe. But it was nice (and loooong)

    Today will be spent catching up on my studies, making dinner later  and getting rid of my headache. I think I'll check out the gym too. I'm feeling rather round

    I think I'll make shrimp/broccoli alfredo, salad and bread sticks. 

  • I hate  Mondays!

  • Happy birthday Hoek and Deeder! Wow, we have a lot of May birthdays! Hoek, that place sounds awesome! Where is it at? BnG...yay for graduating! Congrats again.:)
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  • TheWopTheWop member
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    Happy birthday peeps!

    Our central air is broken, for good.  We're FINALLY going to replace both the furnace and a/c together.  Can I get an AMEN!  Our furnace is older than me, the ac unit is 15-20 years old, and I'm really not enjoying the "will it work this year?" crap.  We'll get some more quotes and hopefully have new units in by the middle of June.  I'm not looking forward to spending the money, but it's time to just do it.  It needs to be done. 

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  • WendyGRWendyGR member
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    congrats BnG!
  • Stargirl - It is near the intersection of Lake and Wealthy in Eastown. Go have a beer with your husband and bring Noah. They have a kid's sundae I'm sure he would enjoy :) 

  • TW...yay for new a/c! I bet your heating and cooling bills will go way down with the upgrade, so at least that is something to look forward to! Hoek....thanks! It is a bit of a drive for us. But if we find ourselves out that way we will definitely check it out! Noah loves pizza and Apple slices. And I love that is a good fit.:)
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  • WOP - I think you will get a one time credit for taxes next year too.
  • So um...where did spring/summer go?

     Thanks for the congratulations ladies!


  • My Chicken Caesar Salad didn't satisfy me for lunch. Why oh why did I decide to start my diet again this week. 

    We heard from my BFF that's in Boot Camp. She was able to call her Mom on Saturday and let us know that she is making it okay so far. She only had 10 minutes but it was still nice to know something. I just finished my 4th letter to her today. 

  • Good afternoon ladies! We had a long weekend traveling back to WI to visit my parents and the Brewer game on Saturday. It was nice to visit but the long drive and time difference mixes up Hannah's sleep so hopefully by tomorrow we will be back to normal. We've both enjoyed a nap so far today.

    Happy birthday Hoek and Deeder! May is a great month for a birthday if I do say so myself!

    I see it is my turn for the "get to know you" questions so I will get to that yet this afternoon. Looks like it posted 3 times so I will answer the one that says "this one" Smile

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