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Good Afternoon!!!

Good afternoon everyone!!  A bit late for a good morning really...

What are your plans for today? What's for dinner this evening?

QOTD: What is your favourite animal in the zoo?  Was it the same when you were a kid?

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Re: Good Afternoon!!!

  • So, to get things started...

    Not many plans for today other than work.  Have my reformer pilates class this evening so that is a bit of exercise at least (other than cycling in and out of work...). Don't know what we'll have for dinner - probably just soup and sandwich seeing as I forgot to take anything out of the freezer again... 

    QOTD:  I quite like the bongos... just because I think it is the strangest name for an animal and they are pretty cool looking too.  As a kid it would probably have been the orangutans... they are so funny and pull funny faces...

    (Reason behind the QOTD: we are going to bring N to the zoo on Friday and I'm trying to plan what we'll see cos we won't get to see everything as she won't last that long! It is my last Friday off before going back to 5 day weeks in work :-((  )

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  • Good afternoon! I have been MIA for awhile but i figured I'd join in :) Today is fine, just at work, and super super tired. Been exhausted all week, very glad tomorrow is the end of our week here in the ME so I can get some much needed rest this weekend. For dinner, we're having buffalo chicken tacos, DH has been asking for them for a week and I just remembered to take the chicken out of the freezer today.

    QOTD: I loved the monkeys when i was younger, however now I'm a big fan of elephants. Have fun at the zoo!!

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  • I have to go to work later this afternoon. :( I am a bit sad because FINALLY spring is here and I just want to go out and have fun.


    QOTD: I love penguins and hippos.

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  • Good morning from the States! I was just thinking yesterday that we needed to do good morning posts again, and I even had a question, but sometime in the night it was deleted from my brain...

    Today I'll be working on my dissertation while DH watches DD. It's working out pretty well so far, although we share the same space (there are other options, but none are optimal) so I can't work distraction-free.

    I have no idea what's for dinner. I just ate breakfast :-)

    QOTD: The big cats. I love cats. And yes, it was the same when I was a kid. In our local zoo the cages are pretty small, though, so I hate going there and seeing them. The lions have a big arena but the other ones are in separate cages that aren't that big (Before anyone thinks it's like some illegal zoo operated out of someone's backyard, it really is a officially approved zoo and I'm sure the cages are up to regulations. They just seem really small to me.).


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  • Good Morning!

    The weather has literally sucked for a whole week now and I'm pissed! Today I have a lot of music to learn and during the breaks I should get around to mounting the mirrors and frames on the walls. The place is coming together beautifully! Last Saturday we caught Jonathan Adler's warehouse sale and bought a gorgeous x-bench at 70% off! It's bright orange and it completely stole the show :)

    QOTD - I love felines and always have but I hate zoos. My dad took me once when I was little and that was it for me. 

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    I don't know what I'll do for dinner. Sheesh, and it's about time to go home! Looks like it will be leftover spinach enchilladas or okonomiyaki.

    QOTD: When I was a kid, it was the ring-tailed lemurs. These days, I don't know. I really like seals. They're always interested in the people watching them, which makes them kind of fun.

  • Afternoon!  Just settling in here.  Found an internet cafe and am online waiting for mz parents to show up to skype.  Today I got my German cell sim card, but my Spanish phone is still locked.  So..kind of a fail.

    Last night H and I watched a German movie called Sommer in German with German subtitles.  It was a hoot and a half and we are alreadz learning!  Yay for movies.

    QOTD:  Elephants.  I don?t like most zoos either Stellin&Amour, but there are some great ones.  I grew up near the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and thez have huge habitats for all the animals.  I love zoos like that.  The Madrid zoo was nothing  special though.

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  • Good Morning still morning here. 

    I plan on spending some time this morning helping my DD study for her final exams this week. (Common Wealth Day in Belize) and then go down to the pool as the sun is out and it is beautiful outside after a crazy storm last night..

    For dinner tonight it is rotisserie chicken, mashed sweet potato and corn on the cob. It turns out to be cheaper to buy the rotisserie chicken from one of the Lebanese restaurants then to buy a whole chicken and season and cook it yourself.

    As for the zoo. I love the big cats as a child and as an adult. We have a great zoo here in Belize where animals are behind fences not cages. So here I love the Jaguars and the toucans.



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