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HI. New here, but have a question

I hope this isn't too much TMI, but I'm interested to hear if anyone else has the same problem.

I have a low cervix and DH is pretty well endowed. This makes sex sometimes (all too often), painful for me. It really doesn't matter which position we try (although, missionary seems to work the best), but I don't want to just stick to one position all the time. I hate having to remind him during sex to "be careful" all the time. It kind of puts a damper on the mood, kwim?  I have noticed that the more we have sex the less it hurts, but it's those dry spells and then having sex after a few weeks, is when it hurts the most. Does anyone else have this problem?

This is not MUD btw, in case you are wondering.

tia for any advice you might have.

Re: HI. New here, but have a question

  • Have you spoken to your doctor and does s/he have any advice?

    Also, the internet is a GREAT tool for information as well!  Maybe you could run a search on google or go to and see if they have any suggestions for sexual positions that would make it easier on you and allow for you to have pain-free sex more often.

    I don't have a low cervix (I don't think), but every so often DH hits it and we have to stop for a few minutes so I can gain my bearings again!  So I guess I kinda sorta know how you feel.


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  • I don't know if I have a low cervix or not, but how sex feels and how sensitive I am changes throughout my cycle.  Obviously, when I'm fertile around ovulation DH can practically do whatever in whatever position and it feels wonderful. Right before and right after my period not so much.  At these times I have to remind him to be gentle and we don't use certain positions that I find uncomfortable during this time. I too notice it's worse if we haven't had sex in awhile. In that case I generally make him understand that a lot more foreplay will be required for things to really be great. I can't stress how much foreplay helps me here, and DH loves how worked up we get, the anticipation that builds.   

  • One way to remedy this issue is to use a position where you are doing all the movement (i.e. you on top, him sitting and you straddling him).  This will enable you to prevent "bumping" into him (ouch!).  Another thought is that it helps to be really, really, really turned on before penetration (your cervix rises when you are stimulated).  Have him use his mouth, fingers, etc on you and when you can no longer stand it - then let him in. 


  • they make "penis sleeves" that cover part of his shaft to make the part of him that can actually enter you shorter.  i recommend these if getting you all hot and bothered doesn't always work.  although... getting all hot and bothered is much more fun.  :)  i know pure romance sells such sleeves, though i'm sure there are plenty of other comanies out there that sell them as well.   
  • Your cervix does change positions throughout your menstrual cycle. It will be lower at the beginning (when you start your period) and higher when you're ovulating. So you could work around that in terms of which positions you choose. HTH
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