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Cleaning - How do you keep it up?

I'm a newlywed of almost 3 months and I don't understand how people keep there houses clean all the time.  I really want to have a clean house, but it seems like that is all I can get done.  Then when it's clean my poor DH finds some way of destroying the kitchen again.  I guess I need to find a good schedule.  I tried to do stuff on, but the emails were way to overwhelming.  I think I am going to start picking up the house at least 15 minutes before I go to bed.  I think our biggest problem is paper clutter.  I don't know how to manage it b/c half of his mail I don't know if I can throw away or not.  Anybody have any suggestions?  Cleaning gets a little stressful when you don't have time.

Re: Cleaning - How do you keep it up?

  • It's a constant battle! I know my house isn't always super clean, but we have a goal of being able to get the house guest-worthy in about an hour. So if it means cleaning only two out of three bathrooms, so be it.

    Also, it's a team effort. Does your DH have cleaning responsibilities? My DH is the cook in the family, so he also does 85% of the kitchen cleaning including counters, loading the dishwasher, mopping, etc. He also does the grocery shopping since I absolutely hate it and we have a pretty set menu for lunches and dinners during the work-week. That's not to say that I don't go to the grocery store or do dishes or wipe counters, but I have made an effort to not get bent out of shape if he doesn't do things as often as I'd like.

    I handle our paper.  And it is a beast. I open DH's mail b/c he'd never do it. I pay the bills (he pays his cc when we use it), though we discuss anything out of the ordinary.I have some stuff that I leave on the shelf under our coffee table b/c I refer to it often. But everything else goes into our office. I have a pile of stuff to file in front of our file cabinet. And another pile of stuff to pay/do on our desk. Right now there's a pile of unopened mail on the floor in our den, but it's stuff I'll get to this weekend.

     I do most of the laundry and it helps if you do a load a day instead of waiting for the weekend.

    We both usually do some cleaning or straightening on Saturday mornings. When things get really bad, we'll do a solid 3 hours of cleaning including bathrooms, vacuuming, etc. But that's usually only about once a month or so. We like having out of town visitors b/c it forces us to do heavy cleaning that we sometimes put off.

     Good luck. I'm interested to see what others say!


    Mondays and Thursday i do the laundry /7-9:30 pm

    Tuesdays and Fridays DH Does the vaccumm 7:00-8:00pm

    Monday through Friday  I cook; DH does the dishes/ cleans the kitchen everyday. DH takes out garbage.

    Monday through Friday Always keep your bathroom clean just wipe the bathroom counter everyday. just everytime you go to the bathroom. I just wipe it with clorox wipes.

    Every week on saturdays DH and I clean the bathroom tub, toilett, Clean the refrigerator on saturdays every two weeks.

     Ironing: Everyday for work clothes, Good thing is DH iron his own shirts.

     Paperwork just toss the ones you know are just ad's and open bills immedately then classify between important/rush/ or not too important pile



  • My best suggestion is ask DH for help.

    In our household, we both do chores. Dh doesn't make messes, because he knows he will be there when it is time to clean up.

    Also, who do you know that has a clean house all the time? I know that our house is not clean all the time. We try to keep it clean when we know people are coming over, but it isn't clean all the time.

  • DH and I have only been married two months now and it took awhile to get a routine.  He works the yard and does all the maintenance while I do the inside work.  We both split paying the bills and have come up with an organized way of keeping our mail tidy by placing them in a bills paid and bills that need to be paid section (we have an office so it comes in handy to keep mail out of the other living areas of the house). 

    DH helps me in the house when I need it, mostly the laundry,which is done on certain days of the week.  His job in the house is to place things in their proper place (like not leaving shoes in the living room, or placing a used dish in the dishwasher).  This helps to minimize the items I have to pick up around the house, therefore, less cleaning.

    When I cook I also put things away and wash at the same time so I have less to clean afterwards.

    In the bathroom, I bought baskets for our cabinets. We each have one for items not used everday (i.e. femine hygiene, lotions, grooming products) and one for everyday items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodarant).  These help to keep our bathroom counters clutter free as well.  The idea of using clorox wipes from the pp is great.

     I vacuum every other day (I have two small dogs) to keep the floors looking somewhat clean.  I clean the bathrooms (toilets and tubs) as well as mop on the weekends. 

    Dusting every other day helps as well.  I would make a schedule to get a routine going, then you'll find that your house will need less cleaning.  HTH!

  • I schedule cleaning into free Saturdays.  I also love things that auto-clean like clorox tablets in the toilet.  FI knows he helps me on those days and we split the chores varying it every time.  I found the best way to reduce clutter is to reduce the horizontal spaces.  Note any space that gathers unneeded clutter (like counters, tops of bookshelves, coffee tables) and assess if the clutter is neccessary or not.  For unneccessary clutter areas I usually try to decorate the space.  For neccessary clutter, bins help.  Also I've learned to live with some clutter.  Out desks are never used except to keep the clutter.  When people come over, I either close the door or don't care.
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