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so i had a dream....

I open up a sliding glass door to let Oliver out back. I then open it up to let him in ? and instead of him in ? I let in a black bear cub. I shoo the bear outside ? and look up and see that oliver is being mauled by the momma bear. She's throwing him up in the air like a volleyball.

I scream and oliver comes running inside. All smiles - cause he's tough. but he's bleeding. I put him in a waste basket b/c blood is dripping on the nice carpet.

We drive to the hospital ? but he died in the basket.

I wake up.

FAST FORWARD to my dissertation meeting last night.

Three of us are sitting at the table waiting for one more member. Conversation moves to Michael Vick and dog fighting?. And then my advisor mentions he's reading a medieval book about how they used to have dogs fight bears for entertainment.

MY EYES open wide. Weird. What are the odds?! What a weird cosmic coincidence!!!


WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! who is the bear?!

Re: so i had a dream....

  • in my world the bear would be one of my passive aggressive phd advisors and i would have been oliver.
  • I am convinced that deja vu is all about dreaming about the future and just not remembering that you did.

    Anything getting you stressed or down lately?

  • Weird because you and your new tree were in my dream last night.  I remember no specifics.
  • the bitey animals i dream of are normally rodents, none as big as bears. 

    I think we are ALL pyschic, some are "better at it " than others.  You are on the curve to telepathy, dude.

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • I always have the same reoccuring dream of me and my newphews being chased by mountain lions.
  • if i had telepathy that would rule. i would play the lotto.

    i dont remember my dream from last night though. had a fitfull sleep an unsure if i even dreamed.


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