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Addiction Help

Hello, my name is Smiles. And I'm a sweetsaholic. 
I love all things cookies, chocolate, candy, cakes, you name it. 
And I, need help. 

No, but seriously. I'd eat sweets all day if I could. It's like I NEED something sweet every day or I go crazy. I feel like I'm truly addicted to it. If I don't have something and I think of it, I can't stop thinking about it until I finally give in and eat it. 

Can anyone relate? Are you "addicted" to something that you wish you could easily give up? Have you given up an "addiction"? It could be a bad habit, maybe an addiction to shopping, or whatever. 
I really wish I had someone in my house slapping my hand and pulling things away from me if I went to eat something bad. Grilled chicken and green beans just doesn't do it for me. 

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Re: Addiction Help

  • I?ve read a lot of articles that state you can form an addiction to sugar.

    I am the same as you, I could eat sweets all day, everyday. I don?t buy candy at all anymore. I have also started to cut back on the amount of sugar I use when cooking/baking. I try to use more natural sweeteners such as honey instead of white sugar. I have also started substituting palm sugar when baking instead of white sugar.

  • Thank you for making me feel like I'm not the only one with a major sweet tooth! I dont really have one thing I'm addicted to. Just depends on the day. But I love my fruits/veggies and milk so it balances out right? haha
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  • I'm addicted to sweets and soda. I cut them out and I don't crave them when I don't eat them. I stopped drinking soda. If I have one then it leads to another and another. It's the same with bowls of ice cream, cookies, and candy. It's one of those things that I just have a hard time saying no to. 
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  • I can't keep sweets in the house. I just don't buy them. 

    I don't know if I'm as "addicted" as you seem, but it just makes life easier to not have it around.  

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  • I have a major refined sugar vice as well. Lately I've been very focused on reducing the severity of my problem.

    For the most part I just can't buy stuff that I know is loaded in refined sugar. That's the first big step. If I have sugary snack foods around I will get bored and eat them just because they're there. I can't tell the difference between bored and hungry and refined sugar amplifies that misjudgment. If the only snack foods I keep around are primarily fruit, vegetables or salty carbs (chips, popcorn) then I will only eat them when I'm truly hungry and usually I will eat less overall.

    I did buy myself some Easter candy from See's but I keep it in the living room in order to keep myself from getting into it more than once a day. I allow myself one serving (or part of a serving if one serving is more than 50 calories) after dinner each night.

    Another part is just the psychological aspect. When I eat I don't feel like my meal is "complete" unless I end with a bite of something sugary. I kinda have to psych myself into believing that not only am I full (waiting a few minutes until the feeling of fullness kicks in) but that I literally do not need the refined sugar. If I'm really struggling sometimes a couple pieces of sugar free gum or a mint after eating will help me get past the sugar craving.

    I'm not totally recovered. I was feeling emotional at the grocery store the other day and came home with a bag of 8 chocolate chip cookies. I'm talking about the chewy irresistible 200 calorie a piece ones.  In the following hour I ate two and they gave me an awesome tummy ache. I acknowledged my mistake and have done much better since then.

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  • I'm a less extreme version of this with salty snacks. Entire bag of kettle chips, no problem. So we just don't buy them. And then 430ish rolls around and I b!tch and moan that we have no snacks, I whine to my husband about it, I kick myself for not buying some, and then I move on. I also bought popcorn kernels that I have to air pop if I want to eat some, so it takes more time and effort and that deters me sometimes. I also eat pickles or pickled cauliflower that I make to give me the concept of salty without gorging on 500 calories of chips.

    Are there sweet alternatives like that you can try? 100 calorie packs? (I know, easy to eat 5 bags...) 70% dark chocolate? Cocoa flavored almonds? 

  • If being addicted to sugar is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  • I'm addicted to sugar. I certainly believe the research showing its effects on the brain can be as powerful as drug addiction (although the consequences are obviously not as severe). I can eat bags and bags of candy until I'm physically ill. I've tried moderation and allowing myself to have small servings daily. That doesn't work for me. It would be like advising an alcoholic to just have one drink a day. So now I've committed to getting it out of my life permanently. There is not one good reason to continue to eat it. And I don't want it to be a regular part of my son's life either, so we don't keep any sweets in the house. It's been almost 3 months that I decided to completely eliminate it from my diet. I've done ok. I've had a few sugar binges here and there, but nothing like I used to. I really, REALLY want to stop eating it completely and I am working on it, but it's hard. 
  • This will be one long post in response to all the comments. But before I start that, I wanted to apologize for the post and run. My computer started acting up this weekend and I hate posting from my phone. My brother was able to help me last night with my computer, so yay! I'm up and running. 

    c2freely- Do you have recipes that you follow? Or how do you know how much natural sweetener to use instead of the white sugar? 

    gumby- Glad I'm not the only one. ;) That's great you love your veggies/fruits/milk too. I'm not so much of a milk fan, but I do love veggies and fruits. However, I'd quickly choose a chocolate chip cookie over any veggies. (See my problem?!) 

    LL- I too, was once in love with Soda. But then I just decided to stop one day and lost like 5lbs on my already super tiny self (back in the day). Then I'd drink it here and there when I lived in Chile because that's what everyone would serve us. So Coca-Cola became part of my daily diet. Then I came home and stopped drinking it. It just wasn't hard to give up. But those dang sugars! I'm right there with you, it's so hard to say no to. 

    Alouette-  See, that is the smart choice. And when I don't buy the sweets and I'm in the mood for something, I'll find some crazy alternative in my house. I need to just be more strict and not ever buy it for anything. Not even chocolate chips. Share some of your will power will ya? 

    amaristella- I like to think that I'd be satisfied with just a small piece of chocolate serving a day. But if I eat a small serving, and know that I still have a lot hanging out in the house, I end up getting more. I use to not eat as much when I'd be out of the house working all day. But not that I'm a stay-at-home-mom and just chill with my daughter, it's easier to not eat great. Now that E is getting older, I'm planning daily out of the house activities so I'm not so tempted while being home. 

    Irishcurls- I love salty things too. But not as much as my sweets. You know, I have some very very healthy chocolate that sometimes cures my cravings, but mentally I know that it isn't the "real thing". haha I'm crazy. Yep. I'm going to take your advice and start looking for healthier alternatives. And just convince myself that it tastes better than the bad stuff. 

    VeryContrary- I know. I agree. I told T the other day that, "You know, let's just choose to not worry about our weight and health and just eat whatever the heck we want to. It's much easier" Of course, I was only semi-joking. Gosh dang it, why can't I be like my 19 year old self and eat whatever crap I want and not have to worry about how I look. *lesigh* 

     *krista*- THANK YOU. I feel like you put how I feel in the perfect words. I can truly say that MY drug is sweets. If it were illegal, I'd be in big trouble. 
    How did you make that decision to just fully give it up? I mean, I'm surrounded by sweet things all the time. And yeah, sometimes, I can say no, and it wont bother me. But I don't turn it down every time.

    I appreciate all of the comments! And though, I have felt silly with all of this, I do know it's a problem. It's a crazy battle I have with myself. I KNOW I want to be healthy, I want to make great and smart decisions with my health. But it's like that "addiction" wont fully let me. It felt good to sort of "release" it on you guys. Thanks a bunch.  

    image ~~~Jan 31st, 2010. Back together again.~~~
  • image smiles325:

     *krista*- THANK YOU. I feel like you put how I feel in the perfect words. I can truly say that MY drug is sweets. If it were illegal, I'd be in big trouble. 

    How did you make that decision to just fully give it up? I mean, I'm surrounded by sweet things all the time. And yeah, sometimes, I can say no, and it wont bother me. But I don't turn it down every time.

    several reasons... first, it was starting to scare me. The physical reaction I would have when I ate a lot of sugar was making me very nervous. I truly did feel like an addict taking a hit. Also, I started having heart palpitations and chest pain after big binges. The effects of sugar on the body are systemic and I knew I was doing some serious damage.  

    Also, this is not the example I want to set for my son. He's almost 5 now and he went through a period of time when he expected dessert every day and even started asking for it after breakfast and lunch.

    And finally, I'm halfway through my Masters in exercise physiology. I'm a certified personal trainer and my goal is to do exercise prescription and programming for people with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. I realized I'm digging my own grave with Swedish fish and if I can't live a healthy lifestyle myself, I have no business teaching others how to.

    another thought... I don't drink because there are no positive benefits from it. I don't smoke because there are no benefits from it. I shouldn't be shoveling sugar in my face because there are no benefits from it.  

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