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I'm here

I took some time away from this board and then just lurked for a bit. I told my counselor what had gone down and she advised the time away. I have been seeing her since a yr after seperation which has been a total of 2.5 yrs. She knows everything about me and therefore I feel she has more room to give advice than the few pieces I've shared on here. So here is a little update:

I'm still talking with J who will be here June 2nd. DS will not be meeting him, my mom will take him when he gets in, then I'm taking that Mon and Tues off to spend time with him while DS is in daycare. He then PCS's to CO which we will be taking this long distance and flying ever so often until he gets out of the army and moves here.

DS's dad flaked again and was advised by both my counselor as well as DS's to cease contact because I'm forcing him in to something he obviously doesn't want which will end up blowing up on DS. Now if for someone reason DS asks to call him then they said to let him. This is what I went through the first yr of DS's life, I felt like I was chasing after him,"take the baby", "spend time with the baby", "be a dad". Married or not, he didn't want to be a dad to DS or his first son. He is more than willing to be a dad to his daughter and that is all he wants. As of yet, DS has not asked for him since. It's kinda like he knows he has a dad now but doesn't need him.

I can handle a good flaming because I've had many but what I was upset about and found very disappointing was that someone would stoop to saying I was screwing up my child.

There you have it. I really won't be on much at all for the next few weeks. I'm leaving for a conference out of town today then starting monday I'm commuting 3 hours round-trip each day on top of my working hours to launch a system in a hospital out of town for 2 weeks. I would have stayed there but DS had a hard time when I was in KY for a week so this way I'll be home for dinner/bedtime each night.


Re: I'm here

  • I really do hope that everything works out for the best for you.

    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

  • Thanks. These last 2 weeks or so I've really gotten my confidence back in almost every aspect of my life. Things really are looking up for me.
  • I feel the same way as GOZ, and I am glad that you made the decision to not let your son meet him. 
    They see us rollin'...they be hatin'.
  • imageRiver Pestie:
    I feel the same way as GOZ, and I am glad that you made the decision to not let your son meet him. 

    I totally agree with this!!

  • It's good to see you!  Ditto that I hope everything works out for you and your son!  Smile
  • imageRiver Pestie:
    I feel the same way as GOZ, and I am glad that you made the decision to not let your son meet him. 

    Ditto! Thanks for updating us! Smile

  • imageDorisWE:

    imageRiver Pestie:
    I feel the same way as GOZ, and I am glad that you made the decision to not let your son meet him. 

    I totally agree with this!!

    I do too.  


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  • Glad your "time out" helped. I hope everything works out.


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  • Glad things are going well for you.  Best of luck.
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  • I agree with what everyone else say.  I am sorry your son's father is the father you hope he would be but your son is very lucky to have you.

  • I'm glad to see an update from you. I've been wondering how things were going. Its great to hear things are really looking up for you!
    **nestie formerly known as thegastons**
  • Can I also say, I'm sorry your son's dad did that, but at least now you know without question, you know?
  • I'm glad to hear all of the above.  I think that your son's father is an idiot and it's best to keep him away from DS.  I can definitely understand that decision.

    I also think it's good J won't meet DS and you'll be taking things at a slower pace.  I'm glad you're back!

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    PM me for the new blog address!
  • don't stay away for too long ! good luck
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