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where to get moving boxes?

Where do you get moving boxes?  I need about a dozen of them delivered to me.  Which company does free delivery and reasonable prices?  TIA!

Re: where to get moving boxes?

  • I have about 50 sitting in my guest can have those :)

    I talked to local grocery stores and they set some aside for me before they smashed them in the back and they were free. Also, my mom is the receptionist at a high school and she got us tons of boxes.

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  • I wouldn't get boxes from a grocery store or a rest.  boxes that have had food in them can have bugs or their eggs and if you don't unload/unpack quickly then the bugs can end up in your house and stuff, etc.

    Check freecycle and craigslist - ppl are always giving away moving boxes.  We gave a ton away when we unpacked. 

    DH and I collected copier paper boxes from work- they aren't that big but are great for heavy items. 

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  • Thanks for the suggestions :)  I'll check them out.
  • My friend got a bunch from the market, and also from the liquor store - they are usually pretty sturdy.  I also got some from work. 
  • Boxes for copy paper are the best for packing. They usually have handles in them which is nice, especially if you have to go up stairs and are pretty sturdy(great for books). I always just asked around at work and so did dh. They are usually happy to be rid of them.
  • Liquor stores! I second the copy paper boxes from schools/work.  They're awesome for packing books, kitchen stuff, DVDs, etc.
  • The last few times we've moved, we went to Walmart later in the evening when they are stocking.  They have been more than happy to have us take the boxes off their hands.
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  • I wish you were living closer to us - we have HUNDREDS of professional moving boxes from the past three times DH and I have moved. All were done through our company's reloc, and we haven't been able to get rid of them.
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  • Free ones at liquour stores.  No kidding- nice and sturdy too!
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