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bucket list

I'm trying to think of inspiration of things to work toward. I also like seeing what other people want to do in their life. Bonus if you include pictures!

Mine has a lot of travel. Paris, Rome, London, Spain, Egypt, New Orleans during Mardi Gras, Tanzania, and Australia. H wants to go to all 7 continents. So far he's been to 4.

I also want to get my PhD, publish a research article, learn ASL, and run a half marathon.

Re: bucket list

  • The only one I can think of at the moment is on both H and I's lists, and that is to visit every continent.
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  • I have a lot of travel goals couple examples-- all 50 States (I'm at 38, so hopefully it's doable when we return); French Polynesia (ideally by boat); Seychelles.  

    Fitness-  MANY years ago, I ran 2 marathons.  However, I've gotten ridiculously out of shape.  Would like to get back in shape to comfortably do a half (doable).  My reach goal would be to be in shape/have time/$/etc to walk/hike the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain (it's beautiful and I think it would be really moving to complete).

    Professional-- senior counsel/partner  

  • Oh dear, I am so bad at goals.

    The only thing I can think of is going to Greece. I'd love to go to Greece. I'd also like to do the 50 states since I've been to quite a few, but since I don't travel for work anymore that one's going to be a lot harder. 

    My only real "life" goal is to have built in bookshelves in our final house. Other than that I'm fine to just coast along and see what happens. 

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  • The only ones I can think of right now are travel related.  All 50 states, Ireland, Costa Rica, Australia/New Zealand, and Vancouver. 
  • I don't have specific things on my bucket list. I would like to further my education and obtain a doctorate but I don't know in what yet, or maybe get the CAGS. I'd like to contiue to travel, and honestly, anywhere life takes me, I'll be happy.

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