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Random question about porn.

I don't watch porn, ever. Not my thing. I've always known my husband did, but since I don't entirely agree with it we have an agreement that as long as he keeps it private (away from me), and doesn't affect our sex life I don't care. Well, the other day I found a video he was watching (we share a laptop) and the girl looked exactly like me (same hair, basic facial structure, body type) doing the kinda things we normally do. Anyways....

Question is - Do you or YH usually watch porn similar to what you normally like or complete opposite? Is that normal?

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Re: Random question about porn.

  • Both my husband and I enjoy porn greatly. Given that he is gone more than 6 months out of the year, it is a great release and keeps us from getting too sexually frustrated. That said, I highly doubt that the porn he looks at is mildly similar to what I like. But I wouldn't really know- if he finds something he thinks I'd like, or vice versa, we might send it to each other, but we let each other just enjoy our personal tastes on the matter without much input.
  • My dh looks at a wide variety of images, mostly pics not videos. The ones I have come across mostly didn't look like me, however there have been a few pics of girls he had saved that did look similar to me...same age range, small chested, tall,slim, longish brunette  hair. Since he saved these, which he doesn't normally do, that made me feel a little weird. But honestly probably whatever he had saved would have made me feel weird. Probaly more if it was really different, like a short blond with huge tits and a big ass.


  • For me personally, when I look at porn it is more about the acts the people are doing and not so much what they look like. As long as they are not old and reasonably attractive I tend to be able to get aroused as long as I am into what they are doing. I can't really imagine trying to find a guy who looked similar to my dh to watch..although I do tend to like girls who I think of as my ideal, meaning they look similar to me but like a better version. Slightly skinnier, slightly bigger chest, nice hair lol, I don't really know why. Maybe so it is easier to pretend it is me?
  • I have no idea what my ex used to watch.  I didn't want to know nor did I share what I liked to watch.  The things I liked to watch were things that I wanted to try.  My ex did not like to try a lot of new things so I doubt he watched the kind of things that I did.  I would be flattered if he was watching porn that had women in it that looked like me, but I doubt that was the case. 
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    I have no idea what kind of porn my spouse watches, and don't care.
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  • I usually watch hardcore stuff. Same with my fiance. But he also likes threesome and stuff like that. Not my thing.
  • My bf and I both like porn, but we're into completely different things. He mostly likes pics - usually it's pics of younger women with larger breasts than me. Lol. I know he sometimes masturbates to it, and sometimes he just looks to look - not sure why. The stuff he looks at is of conventionally attractive women of a wide age range. Some of them might look like me, but most of them are of younger, better endowed women. 

    I, on the other hand, don't get much out of looking at pictures. I like videos, especially if there's a story - e.g., getting it on with the repairman, getting it on outside, being taken by "force," etc. More for the story than the images, like someone else said. Some of the stuff that I watch, I actually have done with my bf... But there are some things that turn me on in the videos that I would not want to do in real life. I'm a little perverted when it comes to my porn, I think.

    If my bf were looking at pics of women who looked similar to me, I'd just be flattered. I don't think I'd have any concern at all. And honestly, what really turns me on when I watch the videos is thinking of my bf doing those things to me, even though the guy in the videos doesn't usually look like my bf (he's short and nerdy).  

  • OMG.  I'm so glad I saw your post.  I thought I was the only person who don't like to watch porn.  I found out my husband watches it and is quite turn off by it.  I tried to understand that a lot of guys does watch porn but still....  Like urs, mine watches it away from me.  Just recently I found out he's started to go on a live sex show.  I'm so weird out by this.  To me its a different step from porn.  What you u guys think?
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