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Stolen from ML: What would you do with lottery winnings?


Re: Stolen from ML: What would you do with lottery winnings?

  • I'm printing this out and having all the parts where you guys said you'd share it with the board notarized, just in case.

    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • image boxerfan:
    image CaliopeSpidrman:

    image boxerfan:
    Also, he wants to move to texas or florida for tax purposes.  No thank you.

    This information combined with his thoughts on names makes me think you need to divorce your H.  There's something wrong with him.

    Sh!t, does this mean I need to start posting on ML now?

    Only if you choose to stay with him.

    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • Buy a BIG house in Northern Cal with horses and acres for my children to run free. 

    Take amazing vacations

    Give a bunch of money to the National Kidney Foundation

    Enjoy watching my H never have to work again and be home to enjoy his family. 


    IVF#1 May 2011 15 Eggs Retrieved, 11 Fertilized using ICSI + HPT on 6/9/11 Beta #1 420 Beta #2 2167 US 7/1 TWINS!! Due 2/18/2012 Brooke and Nora born at 35.6 weeks Jan 20th 2012
  • image HappyTummy613:
    We didn't win.


    Mucho likes purple nails and purple cupcakes
  • We were talking about this the other night with my oldest.  He asked DH what would be on his list, and after thinking for a bit, DH responded.  He told him that there is nothing more important than education, so the first thing we would do is enroll him in a private boarding school in Europe somewhere.  Oh, if you could have seen the look on my 12 year old's face!  (Please note that we did tell him we were kidding....)  It truly was priceless.
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