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New tricks?!

cs026acs026a member
100 Comments Second Anniversary

Just wondering if any of you guys have any fun new tricks I can teach our Lucy girl?

This week I taught her play dead and roll over, both of which she learned in under 15 minutes. She catches on so easily, especially for small pieces of chicken (the only 'treat' she'll eat). I've never taught a dog any other tricks (besides sit, down, shake, play dead, and roll over). 

Maybe crawl is our next one? Like army crawl? 

Anybody else have any good ones? She's awesome at fetch, and knows how all her basic obedience (come, stay, heel, etc.). We're going to try to get into agility with her this summer!


funny gifs Anniversary

Re: New tricks?!

  • Spin, rotate (different directions), back up, step forward, shake (with each paw, different commands), touch nose to objects, walk backwards up stairs, bow, ring a bell, stand on hind legs only, then things like teaching names to toys.

    Also, search for trick dog titles and you can get a lot of trick ideas from the list of things that they need to get titles because there are so many options out there.

    My sweet boy
  • I forgot one of my favorites - through (going through our legs).

    Since you are also planning on starting agility, I would work with getting in position on each side of your body and working on tricks on each side of you.  A circle in each direction is really helpful for getting a dog in position.  You can also work on fun things like perching and walking around a perch to work on hind end awareness and work on a buja board (which you can make pretty cheaply from a board and a ball under it in a bag, then attach the bag to the board) for balance and getting used to movement.

    My sweet boy
  • I never even thought of spin & back up! Her toys do have different names (ball, frisbee, bone, carrot). Ringing bell for potty breaks is next -- we'll be getting a 2nd dog sometime in May, so the bell ringing will come in very handy! I'm not going to lie- the complex commands like walking backwards up stairs - I've never been good at teaching to any dog. I'm surprised Lucy got roll over so fast...I had a Rottweiler when I was a kid that I could not each to roll over despite years of trying! 
    funny gifs Anniversary
  • Ok, here is our current list because our guy also learns tricks super fast and we're always looking for new ones:

    sit, lay down, sit up (he does this from laying on the ground), dead, roll over, spin (clockwise), twirl (counter-clockwise), stand, walk (walking on hind legs), bow, crawl, beg, back up, paw, other paw, jump, figure 8s through our legs, touch

    image image image
  • nitalnital member
    Tenth Anniversary 10000 Comments Combo Breaker
    Drop it, leave it, biscuit on the nose, sit pretty, wave, high five, high ten, over, under...
    Have you seen my monkey?
  • High five, catch (jump in the air to catch something), and turn around are the only other "fun" tricks my dog knows.  He does a funny dramatic play dead when you say "bang" lol.

    He knows mostly useful but funny tricks.  Like "wipe your feet" when it's been raining out side, he'll go and wipe his feet on the carpet before coming in.  "wipe your mouth" he'll come to you with a rag and have you wipe his mouth for him after he eats.  we do that because he gets bumps under his chin from being wet. 

    Things we never taught him are phrases like "do you wanna....?" and he knows he has a choice. If he's outside I'll ask him "do you wanna come inside?"   He'll either just stand there or he'll come in depending on what he wants. But if I tell him go inside, he'll go. He knows a lot of phrases and understands what we're talking about pretty well mostly because we talk to him a lot.  He won't respond sometimes unless we call his name bc he doesn't think we're talking to him lol.

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