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Lord help me I am giving up Soda, what have I done!

I have a feeling that the next two weeks or so are going to be hell around here. Anything to help the transition, because I am going cold turkey?

Re: Lord help me I am giving up Soda, what have I done!

  • DH recently did this, and it was huge for him, because he had a serious Diet Coke addiction going on. I bought a Soda Stream and some drink flavors, and he actually went cold turkey, from drinking 6-10 cans a day. He read somewhere that the carbonation plays a big part, and with the Soda Stream he just drinks plain carbonated water. We got ours at Costco for about $125.
  • My DH was also a Diet Code addict.  He still has a can every now and then to finish up the stockpile in the garage fridge, but he transitioned using sweet tea that he made himself.  Every week he cut down on the amount of sugar and used the tea as a sub for the Coke.  He doesn't get headaches anymore, and I'm happy because I was getting really concerned for his overall health.  It took him several weeks to transition.
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  • Flavored seltzer/sparkling water will help.
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  • I started drinking massive quantities of lemon Perrier when I quit soda.  You can also just buy regular seltzer and add some lemon or lime juice to it. I now prefer sparkling water to soda (but will sometimes have regular soda as a treat.)
  • Good luck!  I agree that I like sparkling water and I replaced the caffeine with coffee.  I don't really like soda at all anymore.  
  • imageMommaInTheSouth:
    Good luck!  I agree that I like sparkling water and I replaced the caffeine with coffee.  I don't really like soda at all anymore.  
  • i gave up caffeinated sodas at the end of january cold turkey.  i still do sprite and root beer but otherwise water.  at first the headaches were killer because i was a huge addict to regular coke.  but really, the temptation was a few weeks into it all....perhaps weeks 3-4 were the toughest.  it can be done.  good luck!
  • carbonated water with a little sf jello is a good stand in for soda.
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  • My DH is doing this now!  He is transitioning to cold brewed iced tea w/ a little Splenda in it.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks everyone,  I bought some Clear American flavored sparkling water and I really haven't had a craving, so far so good.

    I was horrible with drinking soda, and I realized this when I went though a 20pack of Dr. Pepper in a week.

  • It's not so bad once you get used to it. After a week, it's basically gravy from there. I haven't had soda since the new year (minus gingerale twice when I was sick). It's actually saved me money and I got to increase how much water I was drinking.
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