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Pregnancy, exhaustion, and working out

I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant and feel like I have hit a wall in terms of energy.  For the past couple of weeks, I've been exhausted when I get home from work.  I feel like I've been up all night.  This, coupled with a busy work schedule that is tiring alone, has hindered my workout schedule.  I do walk 2 miles a day as my commute and have managed to sneak in a run here and there, but am nowhere close to as active as I was even a few weeks ago.  This is really bothering me and it doesn't help that I'm starting to see various changes in my body.  I'm looking for advice on how to deal with this.   Exercise is a big stress-reliever for me.  Should I just persevere and keep trying to workout, despite the fatigue?  Or should I give myself a break, be grateful that I still walk a good distance every day, and wait for the tiredness to end?  I do feel lucky that this is the main symptom that I'm experiencing, but it's really frustrating not to have my usual energy and not working out as much is stressing me out.

 Thanks in advance for any advice or insight!

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Re: Pregnancy, exhaustion, and working out

  • Try to work through it. I was miserably tired with my first and I was worked 12 hr night shifts at the time time. I suggest exercising through it. I muddled through exercise and it got better in second trimester. Exercise will help when you are in labor. Good luck!

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  • For myself, I've generally just pushed through.  I try to remind myself that there were days before I was pregnant when I was exhausted and it's not always because of the pregnancy and that working out many times makes you feel better and gives you more energy.

    I kept up 5-6 days a week for the first 2 trimesters and now for the 3rd trimester I've given myself a pass and only work out 5 days a week.

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  • I agree with the others, try to push though it.

    Around where you are at, I decreased my work outs from five days a week to four. I stopped running at 20 weeks and just did elliptical instead (I was too uncomfortable while running). It is going to pay off so much for you in the end in terms of getting through labor and recoving from having the baby. The last month of my pregnancy, if I couldn't get to the gym, all I would do is walk and lift minor weights.

    Hang in there!

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  • You have to kind of pick and choose. I love Boot Camp so I do that twice a week, no excuses. Once I am there, I always feel better. I do go home and straight to bed sometimes, but I feel better knowing I am staying active at least a little. The rest of the week, I walk, run, bike, whatever I can muster at least 2 more times.  

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  • I had horrific exhaustion and the only thIng that gave me energy was exercise. I hated every minute of it but always felt much better after

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  • I'm with the work through it group. I didn't work out with my first. This time around, I did. The differences between my labors and recoveries was INCREDIBLE! I was exercising at 1 week PP this time. I could barely walk at 1 week PP with my first. I did my normal routine the night I went into labor and I'm so glad that I kept with it my entire pregnancy!
  • I did NOT work through it.   I gave up at about 10 weeks.  I regret it.  I thought I had a good excuse, and I did, but I am now 2 years later still trying to work off the weight I gained (almost there!) and I think the delivery and recovery would have gone better if I kept exercising.  I was also not walking 2 miles a day though either. I say give yourself credit for that.
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