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How much would you waste, eh I mean spend?

Would you "invest" 500 dollars in a lottery ticket? 

I get that this is a big deal, but with the odds so stacked against you, is it wise to spend this much money on something that has no chance of bringing in the dream return you want?

It kind of makes me sad for those people. 


Re: How much would you waste, eh I mean spend?

  • No way. I had a fit about E spending 9 dollars for them today.

    I don't see any point in investing in something that in the end won't benefit you. Especially with odds that were involved today. 

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  • There is no way in hell I'd spend that much on the lotto unless I was already a multi-millionaire. We spent $10.
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  • That's how I feel. I can understand a ticket here or there, but... not 500 dollars worth. If you can afford it, then good for you, but I can find better ways to spend that money. 


  • I bought $20 worth of tickets, but it was just for fun.  Also, my state puts the money back into schools, so I figure it may not be an investment for ME, but at least it will go help buy new books and computers for schools.   I don't think I would EVER spend more than $20 on lottery tickets.  I certainly don't play often (I think this is the first time I've bought tickets in at least 5-10 years).
  • There was a post on TK last night saying they heard a man on the radio saying he spent $1,000 on tickets.  I can't even imagine the thought process that says that's a good idea.  I spent $10, but won $2 back. 

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  • I bought lottery tickets almost every day for a full year when I sold them at the mall info booth in college. I never won so I've basically given up. We spent $0 on the mega millions. Your chances of winning are indirectly proportionate to the jackpot size anyway...and there's no pattern or method to scratch offs other than every roll has the same amount of prize money (ex. All rolls of $1 tickets have $300 in winnings total). That's my useles knowledge for the day.
  • M and i bought $5 in the MM lotto tickets.  we won $10 so in the end we made 5 bucks back.  We just dont play that often either.

  • I/We played this time because the jackpot was so ridiculous. I bought 7 and H bought 3. I am okay with spending $10 for a chance at $640 million.

    We were 99.9999999% sure we were not going to win but it was still fun knowing that someone or a couple people were going to hit it this time. 

     While I was buying my set of 7 the guy in front of me bought $500 worth. Now, that is stupid IMO. You only need 1 to win -- the odds are 1 in 175million you'll hit it. Do you really think the extra 499 are going to help much? Hell to the NO.


  • image Killer Cupcake:

    I wonder how much you would have to spend in order to get every possible combination of numbers on your tickets.

    Math geniuses, wanna help? 

    I've never played lotto, so I don't know how many numbers there are.   You would calculate it with n! I believe.  Although, I can't remember what that calculation is called (n prime?, or that my be a relic of my learning code somewhere sometime).

    ETA: I remembered!  It's called a factorial.  n! is also n prime in C++, but in math it's n factorial.

    /nerd out 

  • I didn't even want to waste a few bucks on it.. lol
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