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Cost to move back to USA

DH and I have an opportunity to relocate back to the US. We don't yet have all the details from his side, but my company has given me a figure for relocation and I'm trying to figure out if this is realistic.

We don't have many pieces of furniture--and it's all IKEA stuff, so I'm not sure we'd move it anyway (a chair, a small bookshelf, and a small cabinet/narrow dresser).

We also have some things stored domestically--think the contents of a one bedroom apartment (bed frame, mattress, nightstands, table, chairs, couch, etc).

Can you give me a sense of what you spent when repatriating, or what you would recommend (based on your experience) that we allocate to our relocation?

Re: Cost to move back to USA

  • Can't help with relocating to the US, but shipping furniture costs a lot. They never told us the exact figure, but it was in the thousands.

    When we left Canada, we sold all of our IKEA furniture. Figured it wasn't worth moving it. But I'd consider buying a few nice pieces or objects from the UK to bring home with you. Might be a nice excuse to get a good souvenir. I always regret not investing in beautiful things because of overseas moves.

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  • Not much help as we just packed everything in Suitcases and shipped 5 boxes.

    I was amused by how "inexpensive" relatively speaking it was to ship our giant 25 kg boxes. We sent one from Switzerland for 120 CHF. Then smuggled the rest across to Germany to mail them at about 85 euros each. Not bad when you consider the cost of extra bags on airlines.

    I also made two orders for some language books. Got a set of multilanguage beautifully illustarated flash cards and a beautiful coffee table book of old Swiss travel posters. I knew it was stuff I could not get easily when I moved.
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  • We moved from London to Atlanta 3 years ago, and had half a container. At that time it was about ?5500 or $10k, the exchange rate was awful. We moved 2 beds, a dresser, a small couch and chair and lots of boxes
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  • We moved at the end of 2008. We had a shipping container, dh's company did all the arrangements bc it was a transfer. We used half the smallest container plus had a small air shipment  and had movers on each end to pack/unpack.  We also had temporary accommodation on this end while we apartment searched for one month or so and then they paid for a relo specialist that we didn't really need since I am from here. We had a small appliance budget to get things like washer dryer or vacuums that we couldn't bring with us. We sold a car at a loss so they reimbursed up to blue book value. We took one recon trip and then our move -both times we flew business class.


    For all of that I think they reported it as $50-60k and it was reported as part of dh's income for that year but they did it in a way that we didn't have to pay taxes on most of it. 

     Eta. We did have furniture but it was almost exclusively idea. We moved it, though, bc we didn't have anything here since we started out over there. I will say that most company transfersive heard of they will pay for the private container even if you barely fill it, which is what happened to us.  

  • This is all really encouraging to hear. The offer I received was for $30K and it sounds like that will be possible, even though we're moving stuff from two places. 

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