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Does anybody have experience using Aflac?  My work is adding Aflac to their options, and I'm curious if it's worth checking out or if getting money from them if you ever had a claim is impossible.  Seeing how insurance these days seems to be about denying every single claim (galbladder removal is a cosmetic procedure!), I don't want to bother paying for a service that will fight me should I ever attempt to utilize it.  Any input?
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Re: Aflac

  • I've never had a policy through them, but we offer them through my employer.  From what I hear their claims paying is outstanding and they get claims processed very quickly.  That being said, our insurance is pretty darn swell here, so I doubt we have very many with AFLAC policies that have to submit many claims.

    I think the most popular here are the cancer plan and the short term disability.

  • I have this through work. I purchased the short term disability and hospital insurance in prep of TTC. You need to have then for 10 months prior to giving birth so it is something you have to do well in advance, obviously. My rates were not that high so I found it to be worth it to supplement my health insurance bc my stupid state has no maternity benefits. 

    And to answer your more specific questions, my rep said you literally get cut a check quickly after submitting.  

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  • I had a friend in CA that was in a very serious car accident. I'm pretty sure he had benefits through work but also had Aflac. He got supplemental money from them that helped pay his bills beyond std (short term disability- which is typically less than your full pay) and he said they were great. Paid right away, no hassles. I've always considered getting it myself but I haven't actually looked into it. Anyway- my friends experience was in 2003ish so not sure if anything changed but I say it's worth a look into. 
  • I have a policy.  I'll tell you how the claim process goes in approximately 7 weeks. My sister has it, and used it when she had my niece.  I never talked to her about the specifics of her claims process, but it must have gone well, because she's the one who convinced me to sign up for it.
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  • I have an accident plan and a hospitalization plan. I'll report back on the hospitalization after the baby comes. I've never filed for the accident plan although I do have something I keep meaning to file. I have gotten a small check just for having an annual pap though.
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  • I have a cancer and an accident plan.  The only claim I've filed is the wellness benefit for getting a yearly mammogram, which is covered by both policies.  The claim process for that is very easy - I start the claim form online, then fax in the supporting documentation and get a check in a couple of weeks.
  • I have had it in the past. They paid when I broke my leg and ribs. Not a difficult process. 
  • My husband has the cancer policy and he got $5,000 after his initial diagnosis and $200 per day that he's in chemo and other payments for whenever he has to have surgery or certain check-ups.  I'm also covered with the policy as is our son.

    We have had no problems at all when to comes to filing claims.  

    I wish we didn't have to use the policy but I'm glad we had it.


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