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Paging margotmacomber

I saw your post below about your DD seeing a speech therapist, if you don't mind me asking how old is she?

DS is 20 months and I feel like he's lagging with his speech. The Dr left it up to us whether we wait to see his progress or take him to a speech therapist, and we've been going back and forth ever since. He has some words, maybe 8-10? But he doesn't use them all the time.

Where is your LO with her speech, again, if you don't mind sharing. TIA


Re: Paging margotmacomber

  • At her 18 month appointmernt, I felt she was lagging behind in her speech.  She probably had about 8 or 10 words, like your son.  Her pedi listened to my concerns, and sent us first to an ear guy who tested her hearing.  After she passed that, we went to the speech therapist.  She gave an initial assessment which was very confusing because it was pretty much a test for a child way above DD's age range.  Then the next visit she said DD was a mumbler and was behind on the number of words she should be saying.

    We took a trip back home and stayed for a while.  She missed about a month's worth of appointments.  We went back today and the therapist said she had grown leaps and bounds and put herself right back in with her age group.

    So, what I have taken from the experience is this:  they all do things when they want to do them.  There is no point in comparing kids to other kids.  But if you have concerns, let tricare pay for it.  DD's therapist is super awesome, and I love her.  I love going there.  DD loves her.  It's win-win.

    I wrote a novel and I don't know if I even helped you.

    Shot first, questions later.
  • Thanks. There are days where I tell myself just that, that he'll explode with words one day and it'll be on his own time. And then there are days where he just points and whines at what he wants and it just puts me back to, you should be able to ask for that..

    Thanks for your story, it's always helpful hearing about other kids at the same point as LO.

  • She did just explode with words one day.  Now she won't shut up.  It sounds like a cliche but it's true.  Although we are keeping the speech therapist for the extra boost.  Talk to your pedi if you are concerned at the next visit.  But kids are crazy!  You can't predict what they will do.  :)
    Shot first, questions later.
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