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First World Problems

I was late to work this morning because the barista at Starbucks took too long making my venti iced caramel macchiato.
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Re: First World Problems

  • I spent 15 minutes debating and consulting with Mary and Ames before buying a $35 groupon for a cut, color, and style.
  • Half the grapes in my Chick-Fil-A fruit cup were mushy.
  • I just spent 20 minutes setting up my camera on the tripod and taking photos of my baby bloated belly because it's ridic today I look as big if not bigger than I did at 13 weeks last time.  After flipping through them I look like crap and probably won't show them lol.
  • My phone started ringing, so I had to ran to the bedroom to get it. It was Political Opinions of America. Got off the couch for nothing. :(

    I went to the Olive Garden last night with my mom and sister and got stuffed chicken marsala. I should not have looked up the calories when I got home.

  • I just boiled eggs and chopped them for egg salad only to discover our Miracle Whip expired a month ago.  Opened it to see if it may still be good and it was clearly not (little weird orange dots throughout).  Disappointing.  Luckily Joel will be home in a minute to trade cars and he is going to get some for me. 
  • My scuba lessons made me really tired, so im laying in bed about to take a nap at 11am. 
    BFP 9/22/10, missed m/c 11/1/10 at 9w3d, D&C 11/3/10, diagnosis: trophoblastic hyperplasia
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    BFP 5/29/12, healthy baby boy born 2/12/13 at 40w5d :)
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    Congrats to both my TTC buddies, Amberley18 and sb2006 on their beautiful babies!
  • Our manicurist who used to come to my work quit her job and they haven't replaced her yet, and I haven't had time after work this week to get my nails done so I have to live with fugly cuticles or go do it on my lunch.
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  • The closest Starbucks are seriously inconvenient from my new office.

    I miss my drive-thru across the street.

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    Baked Apple Cinnamon Doughnuts
  • The free cable that came with our new apartment is kind if sucky. Only a handful of the channels are HD, and not my favorites. Lame. 
  • It's Thursday, which means only 4 days left of Spring Break.
  • I was late leaving for work thanks to my round brush breaking while I was blow drying my hair.  The stupid thing got stuck in my hair and knotted the whole thing up.  I seriously contimplated cutting it out.
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  • I had to go back home today to clean up the mess my husband left in the room so the babysitter can watch Charlotte from my house. I think I need a maid to clean up after him.

    I am currently debating a pastry or breakfast sammie as a treat for packing my lunch all week.

    My manicurist is out on maternity leave for 6 weeks and I seriously panicked as to what I was going to do.

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