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ugh I bought some sex toys and they arrived

defective!! They dont work at all! Im so annoyed! I am sending them back asap!

I want my money back.

I've ordered from before and now this crap..

I was so excited to try out the new stuff...  bummer


Re: ugh I bought some sex toys and they arrived

  • That happened with one of mine :( but i sent it back and got a new (working!) one really quickly!!
  • oh yeah...ok least I know they will replace it. ...

    I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks booooo!

  • Tee hee I'd love to be the fly on the wall in the customer service department.:)
  • Ugh, don't buy from! They have some pretty cut-rate products and will mail you dirty-looking ads sometimes. Try or smitten kitten.
    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>


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  • I have never bought toys online. Well, I know not to every order from
  • omg they send ads! Well then..that's not cool.


    Im gonna try the sites you recommended thanks!


  • image PURPLEME:

    omg they send ads! Well then..that's not cool.


    Im gonna try the sites you recommended thanks!


    Yes they send ads. I got a card with a coupon insert that fell out in front of someone while I was opening it (didn't know who the card was from). It was really embarrassing.  

    <img src="" />

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  • I wonder how many pervy old guys call them and try to start up 900# style conversations.  I've worked in call centers for 15 years and every one of them had perverts!  At one time I worked for a call center supporting Medicare Part D calls and some guy would call up and talk dirty from the same phone number and call 15 times a day.  We'd hang up and he'd call right back in.  I worked at a major cell phone companies call center and this guy "ear raped" my friend.  We'd get in trouble if someone called back more than once in a 7 day time frame and the guy was swapping to a new phone.  Half way through the swap he started masterbating and making it clear that's what he was doing...ewwww! My friend put her headset on the desk waited 10 min and picked it backup and just continued with the swap like nothing happened.  Saved her repeat caller goal.  She's a very nice middleaged woman who took one for the team...but damn I was mad that the pervo ear raped her! I can only imagine if cell phones turn guys on what the adam and eve product line does to them???

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  • I generally use; I've had great luck with them.  If you sign up for their newsletter, they do free toys pretty regularly, which you just pay shipping for.

    But we're also graced with having and amazing adult store 30 minutes away, so I have options. 

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  • try edenfantasys, people review the products and keep the product they reviewed for free, so the reviews are legit.  I signed up and We were able to review two Items. its really imformative if you have questions.  its a really good site.

  • You could try an Independent Consultant with a in home company like You don't have to host a party to purchase and they have good warranties and return policy for defective toys.

     And the consultant will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy.

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