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le sigh

So, I was just about to start getting ready for my interview when the company called to cancel. I guess all the jobs she was looking at for me have been filled, so there's no point in my coming in today. She's going to wait to reschedule until she finds something that fits my skills again. So, ya. I am incredibly bummed, in part because I was going to look super pretty awesome today...but at least I have everything I need for whenever I do get an interview, with this company or someone else. Thanks for all your help and good thoughts getting me prepped for this.

Re: le sigh

  • :( I'm sorry, dude. You should still rock your suit today, and go drop off random resumes or something. Cause you look hot in your suit, and you shouldn't lose that momentum!
  • That stinks! I hope they call to schedule something really soon!
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  • aw man. im sorry. hopefully something good comes along soon!
  • Dammit.

    I'm sorry Zane. 


  • ugh, that sucks.  I'm with dbucks.  Rock the suit and go hand-deliver some resumes.
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  • That is really crappy of them to do that! At least you have a rockin suit on stand-by!

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  • Dude that really really sucks.  I ditto the suggestion to put on your suit and go hand out some resumes, it can't hurt! 
  • That's no good.  Sorry :(
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  • I'm sorry, zane, what a bummer.  As for your suit, use the timer on your camera and take a good waist-up photo of yourself for your LinkedIn profile.  :) 
  • Ugh, I'm sorry.  I agree that you should do the LinkedIn pic and that it is good to be prepared for the next one!
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  • Ugh, I'm so sorry !
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